Sunday, August 1, 2010

The WORD Magazine

I bought this magazine at WHSmith today. I haven't got a clue what this magazine is about and straight grab a copy of it to pay.

Look closely.

Can you spot a familiar face?

The very good looking Asian guy?

No? Yes?

Alright, it's Leehom right there on the cover! (along with many other people, of course). tee hee

One more 'Leehom'. Same as the cover page. =)

This magazine is not very expensive, but it's not cheap either - £4.80. It comes with a 15-track CD which I am not bothered to listen to it yet.

I'm more interested in this page!!

Although it's just a very small corner that feature Leehom, but i felt extremely happy! The first time I saw a magazine printed in the UK, in English, and featuring Leehom in it also. hahahaha...

I'm still contemplating whether to type the whole article or not now...

Arggh... Ok, just type it out.. Since not much...

Biggest in the BRIC nations

"The US has a population of just over 300 million people. There are 1.33 billion people in China and 1.16 billion in India. You do, as our American cousins so eloquently put it, "the math". Lists of the biggest music stars in the world are often just a run-down of who is selling records or playing arenas in North America and Europe. So, let's have a look at some names.

Leehom Wang. Neeraj Shridhar and Sunidhi Chauhan.

Never heard of them? They had, respectively, the biggest records in China and India last year, according to sales figures from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. More names. Padre Fabio de Melo (200's biggest recording artist in Brazil: population - 198 million) and Grigory Leps (seller of the most records last year in Russia: population - 140 million).

These countries and these artists are way down the pecking order on IFPI global sales charts because of mass piracy (an estimated 90 per cent of all recording changing hands in China are illegal, for example). Studies have shown again and again that the most popular tracts on P2P networks replicate almost exactly the most popular songs in the charts, so it's safe to assume that Wang's music is massaivly distributed illegally in the most populous nation in the world. A bit of context: China has 360 million people online and 634 million mobile subscribers. Look again at the US population figure quoted above. If U2 or The Rolling Stones were to tour China next week, they'd do so as Wang's support band. "

Winner: Leehom Wang

Taken from The WORD Magazine (August 2010)

Piracy are quite common in Asia. So, leaving the piracy 'factor' aside, Leehom easily topped the biggest record selling in Asia... =)


Lily said...

id msg u if u were online msn now. But since ur not I'll leave msg here for u =]

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the last part of the article. where it stated "If U2 or The Rolling Stones were to tour China next week, they'd do so as Wang's support band."

just cuz I HAVE worked for U2. & it makes me soooo proud to be ABC! =] gooooo LEE HOM!!!!<3

bloodbubble said...

Congrats Leehom.. that's quite an achievement. Proud of him!

a*hui said...

wow..u bought the magz??

have you heard that LH is gonna come to Msia end of this month for the promo of his new album and movie??

sunset2712 said...

Hui,I bought the mag larh of course! hahahaah..

Yeah, heard he'll be there for movie promo.. Should be the 3rd week or sth... Sigh... will miss another chance again this time around.. ggrrr