Thursday, August 5, 2010

Barbecue/ Farewell/ Small Gathering

Had a simple barbecue session yesterday coz one of my friend's girlfriend is going back home for good and we decided to have a small gathering. It was sort like a farewell thing for her. ^^

I was there solely for the eating, and not helping! hahahaha... It feels good to just go there and makan.... All food were prepared by the guys and we're not disappointed with the outcome of it.

When I went over at about 7-ish, they've just started the first round of 'barbecuing'.... Timing was perfect! hahaha...

The charcoal.

Gammon skewers. This is the only raw stuff that I've captured.

We actually have more variety of chicken wings, beef, lamb, chicken skewers, pork chop, potatoes, aubergine, corn, portobello & button mushrooms to choose from. Too bad the person that bought the ingredients forgotten to get some marshmallow for me to bakar... hhmmm...

Ahh... the temptation of food. Good one somemore. =)

I actually had my dinner before going over to their place, but stuffed myself with MORE food when these skewers are placed on a plate in front of me.

Sweet potatoes wrapped in foil.

The guy really does NOT waste any ingredients!

Guess what is this?

It's the gammon skin. It wouldn't occur to me to even keep this piece of skin to make pork cracklings... I would've just threw it far far away already if I'm the one in charge of preparing the gammon skewers. LOL

Mini 'group' photo before the sun came down. Actually, we didn't see the sun the whole of yesterday. It was quite chilly staying outside but I still can stand it. So, no complain from me on the weather. hehehe..

Another group photo after dark. There was only 8 of us but one of Isaac's friend went home early, so no picture of him.

I felt kinda tired at about 11-ish and decided to call it a day and left by 12am. Til we meet again next time, Alex. Have a safe journey home if you so happened to read this. =)

til then, ttfn!

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