Friday, August 27, 2010

Movie Man in China

I am so so so over the moon now!!

Now, the thing that makes me blog today.... is this!

*swoon* Lookie look! No, it's not him looking as charming as ever while promoting his album/movie in China. It's the white colour shirt that he was wearing!!!

Saw the pic above? It's a gift that I handed over to Leehom one day before his concert in KL last year (2009) at Hilton.

What's in that box? Answer is, it's a tee. I've bought a gift for him in 2007 and he was actually spotted wearing it twice ever since.

Frankly, I have to thank to the girl that posted this pic at facebook in the first place. When I was browsing her album, I came across this and my first thought was "Hey, this shirt looked fairly familiar..." Then 2 secondslater, it HIT me. "It's the tee I gave him!!"

I thought the tee was long disposed or been neglected coz I haven't seen any pics of him wearing it! Now, I am very very much satisfied already. XD

This proves what to fans?
1) He keeps the gifts that fans gave to him.
2) He likes white tees.
3) He likes the Timberland brand.
4) He is so darn kind coz he wore both the tees I gave him in two separate occasions and place! muahahahahaha!!

One more closer look.

I didn't manage to find another picture of him in this, and also can't retrieve the pictures coz the batch of pictures are all in Malaysia and well, I am here in England now. *sobs* If you happen to have other pics, kindly send me a copy of it alright?

Anyway, this really made my day despite all the unhappy stuff that made my mood down for the first half of the day.

Til my next post, tata for now!

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bloodbubble said...

You're so lucky!! I've only given him tee once (shared with Jessie) but did not see him wear it. Maybe cos it's not white LOL