Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Shopping

To Sheffield Markets after work. Stopped by to look at the various stalls that are available on the streets. Bought lots of food to eat. Felt bloated after that.

Lots to see... lots to eat too!

Can't miss all these colourful stuff!

What I bought back home?

Three sets of Russian Dolls, a piggy fridge magnet, and a pair of sandals.

Went to the Car Boot Sale at Hillsborough Park Arena after work too. So, we left not much time to walk around the place upon reaching. Worries not. I managed to grab so much back within that one hour or so! *grins*

What I bought back home?

Books mostly.

All these totalling to about £8 only! Saw the Guide to the Masterpieces @ Lourve? It's just 10p! The rest of the things cost about 30 to 50p each. hahahaa...

til my next 'weekend shopping'.... bye. ^^


fei said...

Hunny, the fridge magnet super cute!!!n the pinky piggy n the forever fren bear2...cute cute cute!!!!!

sunset2712 said...

yes! that's why i bought them back! hahaha.... my hse dunno can fit all my shopping or not when i get back home... scared