Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things to do.

I was sitting down listening to some Jazz a while ago and my mind wander off to what/where will I be 2011.... It's just 5 months+ away to 31 December 2010 and come to think of it, it's quite scary also.

Time fliesss.... like reaally fast everyday. *sigh* I felt that I haven't achieve anything significant at all during this year... I was suppose to look for a permanent job in UK but failed. So, I can only settle with odd/ part-jobs while staying abroad and luckily am able to survive up to today.

Here are some of my wishlist/ Things-to-do/ Places-to-go before the year ends!

1) Get a permanent job with a decent pay back home
2) Meet Leehom at least ONCE before 2011
3) Eat all the seafood I want!! I miss having cheap seafood dinner back in Malaysia.
4) Short break to Prague
5) Get myself another wrist watch... A good one, please.
6) An awesome lens for my camera.
7) Be more organised.
8) A trip to Scotland (and most importantly to John o' Groats)
9) Shopping spree at one of the designers outlet in UK
10) Read more newspapers/ current issues.
11) Road trip with family. Anywhere will do!
12) A trip to any country in Asia. (Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore not counted)
13) Broaden my general knowledge.
14) A good leather wallet. Louis Vuitton preferably.
15) Memorise the lyrics from Leehom's upcoming album. I'm sure this will be done in no time. Easy peasy!
16) Bettter time management. I am kinda sick of procrastination, but still can't help it
17) iPhone 4/ Blackberry 9700
18) Watch one more football match before I go back to M'sia for good.
19)Summer vacation to an island in Europe
20) Be more patient, and try not to lose temper so quickly! hahaha...

Let's see how many can I fullfil out of the 20 that I've listed. All these needs time, money, energy and patience in order to be fulfilled.

So, All the best to me!!

til then, ttfn.... XD


thengfei said...

no worries...i would be able to help u get a good job with good pay....n prob...count me next yr!!!!!

sunset2712 said...

Fei, serious?! then jau 'kao sai nei' la!! hahahaha

thengfei said...

i aledi ask u for ur resume mah...but, till now no action taken from u....n traveling, i cant afford europe but can still afford Asia..hehe