Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Super Miss Malaysian FOOD

Just woke up from my half an hour afternoon nap and feeling hungry at the same time. I was feeling lazy to go down to make something to eat, so just spent time in front of the computer doing my usual blog hopping/reading.

Then, I hopped over to sakai Ken Jun's blog and all my fond memories of Malaysian food just came back. It's all YOUR fault, Chong Ken Jun!! You see, this friend of mine mostly (95%) write about food only... I do write about the food that I eat too, but NOT everytime coz it'll make people go crazieeee ok.... *sigh*

Now, I don't know where this smell comes from, but somebody live nearby must be cooking something very very yummy. The aroma from cooking flew into my room coz I leave my window open during summer all the time. It's too hot and stuffy in my room to have my windows tightly shut. Shiets, I think I've got to go prepare lunch in a bit. Starving now!! Damn.... =(


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