Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strawberry Farm 2010

My third summer in Sheffield, also the third time in 3 summers to visit Whirlow Hall Farm! I'm such a loyal visitor to this farm! hahaha....

Went to Whirlow Hall Farm on Wednesday with 4 hot chicks on a bright and sunny day! Perfect for a girls day out and also camwhoring/ artsy fartsy piccies shooting! Like previous years, (2008, 2009) we went there by bus. The same bus, #30, the only difference is that the bus fare has increased... Only 10p increase in price, so it doesn't make much difference luckily!

I was a bum for not editing these pics into more dramatic or nicer effects... Just combine the batch of pics and resizing them only..

We took a different route towards Whirlow Farm this time around. I kinda forgotten which 'lane' we have to turn into, so we stopped by at a groceries shop and asked for direction to the place. Thanks to the uncle that showed us how to get there... and here we are...

At Whirlow Lane... Just need to walk about 5 minutes or so and voila, we can almost smell the fragrant from those cute, red and juicy strawberries!

Initially, our plan was to Bakewell for a day trip boz I've checked on forums and they says the farm will only be ready for strawberries picking in July. It's only one day difference, so we called the farm and asked whether are they open for public yet. And we were very lucky coz the lady said they'll be open on Wednesday (30 June)!!!

It was first time for these girls to be at Whirlow Hall Farm and I think they're looking forward to this strawberry picking more than I was. One disappointing part is that, the farmers haven't take out all the unwanted weeds and plants that are hindering us from picking those yummilicious strawberries! Raspberries are not ready for harvesting yet, so we are settled with the strawberries alone.

To confess, I did not pluck/pick any strawberries this year. Not even a single one!

I just look at the girls picking away and I, as usual, playing with my camera and disturbing them! hahaha... Here are the first few that they've picked... Awesome!

...and one whole bunch already!

I tried to take a picture which was 'inspired' by VP during the first time I've paid a visit there... Out of so many of pics, I think I got the one that I wanted just right this time! Yay to me! ^^

The model (strawberry) was big and red and nicely shaped... Looks like a heart-shaped one! *happie* After a few attempts to capture the 'perfect' shot, I've no choice but to devour it... hahahaah

Look, it's bitten into half by yours truly. XD

Ching and her sister....They don't look alike... Both are pretties in their own way... ^^

We're very fortunate there wasn't anyone else around, and we've got the whole 'farm' to ourselves... Means more chances for us to camwhore without worrying that other people would think we're a bunch of mad women. LOL...

The girls spent about half an hour to pick the strawberries before 4 baskets are filled with those fresh fruits! ... and then took about an hour to camwhore! hahahaha... This is the consequence when all of us like to shoot/ to be shot... LOL

It was truly a happy days girls outing... Just spending time together (not to mention, under the super glaring sun) was an utter contentment.

After the phototaking session, I forced one of them to shoot me with two basket full of strawberries too! Although I can't pose as 'pro' as them, but I'm still very happy... hehehe...

Chilling... or what's the opposite word for it? It's so hot I shouldn't say I was 'chilling'...

and here's one last pic of the freshly picked fruits on the ground... Sedap! Think this would be my last time visiting the farm for the year... Will I come back for next year's season? Well, time will tell... ^^

til then, ttfn!

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