Friday, July 2, 2010

The Making of 戀愛通告 Love In Disguise

王力宏 Leehom's fanpage has posted a new video on the making of 戀愛通告 Love In Disguise which I thought was great! Anything 'Leehom' related will definitely be GREAT to me, btw. LOL...

Leehom plays 3 roles in the production of the movie... #1: He's the DIRECTOR, #2: He's the Writer of the movie, and #3: He's also the cast/main actor for it!

This is a romantic comedy movie (which I liked) and is scheduled to be released in mid of August. So, for those whose country are screening the movie that time, make sure you invite your friends, family and relatives along to watch it! There are a lot of pictures from the movie scenes that are posted online which I thought were very cute... ^^

However, for the unfortunate me, I would have to wait for the DVD to be released and will buy it straightaway once it's in the market. Don't think it'll be released in England... So, have to wait patiently... *sigh* Can't wait for it though!! *cheer up again* XD

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