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Bon Jovi The Circle Tour 2010

Date: 22nd June 2010 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.00pm onwards
Venue: O2 Arena, London

Bought a pair of tickets to watch Bon Jovi live in O2 Arena in London with my friend, Rachael (Rambutan) at the very last minute! I don't know what got into me few days before the concert that made me decided to buy a pair of tickets on eBay... Hence, we depart from Sheffield to London on that day itself!

By the time I've written this, Bon Jovi have already played/performed a 12-days sold out performance in O2 Arena! *admire*

On a different note, pictures from the concert are zoomed to the maximum and I've only got an ant's view of the band. So, below pictures are heavily cropped thus making it blur as well. Well, can't complain much coz at least I've managed to get my big camera in nonetheless! There are staff checking our bags while queuing into the Arena and I was so so so nervous that time. Still, am lucky this time around thank goodness! XD hahaha...

It's my first time stepping foot onto the Arena and it was huge! I'm not sure about the capacity of the stadium but I really don't like the way our seats were. SO high up!!.. and not to mention we were about 2000 miles away from Bon Jovi. *sobs*

Anyway, the opening act for this concert was Kid Rock. I only knew ONE song from him, and it was a song from many many years back... Guess which song was it? Yes it is that one... Only God Knows Why. But I was a bit disappointed he didn't sing that. He mainly sang songs that are more to the rock genre...

Oh ya, this is also the only concert where the opening act perform for a full ONE HOUR!! I don't know how many songs he covered coz I was not concentrating the whole time. Was chatting with Rambutan instead. ^^

The arena was not even full after he finished with all his songs. But when the main band came out, which is about half past 8, the crowd really turned 180 degrees! Cheerings and roaring from the crowd and this is what we called a concert-larh! Atmosphere were great despite the fact we're so far away from them. (Sorry, I need to mention about this again... Too much, too far!)

The band opened the show with two songs that I was not familiar with, which I assume is from their latest album... *shy* When it comes to the third song, I was all hyped up and ready to enjoy the rest of the concert...

Look at the crowd! This is not the whole arena coz we're not seated at the very far end of the arena thank God again...

I've taken some pictures as well as some videos and have already posted on my Youtube account. So, feel free to drop me some comments if you like them... =)

Frankly, most pictures taken are when I was not familiar with the songs word by word. I can't sing along, might as well fill my time with my all time favourite past time, which is shooting with my camera of course! ^^

See, I already zoomed to the maximum, and I'm only granted with a tiny figures of the band. *sigh*

Jon Bon Jovi still looked very healthy and happy and not to mention young although he's almost 50 now! I guess the rock band that whats keep them younger.. hehehehe...

I was really amazed by the stage and also LED screen they've brought in for this concert. It must've cost a fortune for producing them!

Ha ha... I find this picture cute! Can you spot Jon Bon Jovi's hand? LOL...

Look at the screen... 5 separate screens that could be rotated, move around and changing positions throughout the concert... Awesome!

Well, here are more pictures that I've captured throughout the night...

Screen cap...

Not screen cap...

The rest of the band members joined Jon on stage for 'Someday I'll Be Saturday Night'... and a few more tracks I suppose? Sorry for the short-term memory.. Can't recall at all!

Charminggggg..... XD

Very nice and fine LED screens... Lurve them.!

Nice right?!! The screens actually can move to the rhythm of the music and at the same time showing the 'live' environment of the audience and also showing some digital animations...

See that charming smile? I bet lots of ladies in the house are swooning over him at that moment... and that including my friend Rambutan! hahahaha

The arena is filled with energy from their songs!! Yooohooo!

The show comes to an end when they sung the last song for the night, Livin' On A prayer... I was holding camera at first, then just decided to chuck them away to fully enjoy the last song coz I think this will be my first and only time to watch them live in action... They're really Awesome though!

Here are some vids to share with you guys from me!
1 - You Give Love A Bad Name
2 - Runaway
3 - I'll Be There For You. This is my personal favourite song from them!
4 - You Want To Make A Memory
5 - Keep The Faith. The full song! ^^

and finally... The final song of the night!

6 - Livin' On A Prayer

Oh my, I think I'm back to the 'Bon Jovi' fever again. Been listening to their songs from the moment I edited these pictures til now! hahahaha...

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Bon Jovi played 12 sold out nights at O2 Arena? wasai!! O_O