Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunset at Cornwall

Hola! Paid a good 10 quid to come online coz I will go crazy if I don't. @@

Am currently staying in New Quay's Travelodge and my sister and her family are all sound asleep. While burning the 5500+ pictures into DVDs, I feel the need to come online and update at least something here... (and also, I feel so stupid waiting and there is nothing I can do besides staring at the screen) XD

So, here I am... with a picture I captured a few hours ago.

This was taken by the road side when we are on our way from Land's End to Hayle to find the Premier Inn, only when we got to that place, the hotel's fully booked! So, I googled for another place to stay, and we ended up having to sit in the car for another 40km journey...

It was all worth it coz I get to capture a nice SUNSET picture! My favourite favourite favourite scenery coz the colour's amazing!!

Will update more when I get back to Sheffield two days from now.

til then, ttfn! =)

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bloodbubble said...

beautiful sunset shot!