Friday, June 25, 2010

Myung Ga Korean Restaurant

Went down to London and messaged Yin Hui on FB asking her to suggest a decent Korean restaurant for us to dine in and to meet up as well. She suggested this place near Oxford Street... I've known her from HOManiacs many many years ago but have not met her in person before this. Maybe our time are different I guess, she came to UK to further her studies 5 years ago you see.. 5 years ago, I am still an Advanced Diploma holder staying in my hometown, the best place on earth, Klang! XD

Ok, back to our dinner yesterday. I've never had Korean food before, and I'm proud to say the first time I had Korean, it's in London and not the origin country itself. LOL...

There are only 3 of us for dinner, and we actually ordered 3 different meals to share among ourselves! Normally when I eat out in Sheffield, we'll order one meal less coz the food portion that were served are usually HUGE, not in London I guess. The portion are moderate. Not big, not small either... =)

OK, this is just a pan with nothing on it (yet)... It's for BBQ later! *yum*

Here's what we ordered...

Dish #1 - Haemul Modum

Assorted Seafood Barbecue, with Prawns, Squid, Scallop, Mussel, button mushrooms and some aubergine.


Dish #2 - Dolsot Bibimbap

It is a traditional Korean rice dish with some pork, vegetables and mixed spicy and soy sauce in a HOT stone bowl.

The rice dish was recommended by a friend of hers and I seriously enjoyed it alot! Spicy, and good... Awesomesauce! XD

Dish # 3 - No Idea what the dish called.

It's basically rice cakes with glass noodles and mixed spicy vegetables. Very good indeed! I eat them together with fresh lettuce (for the BBQ) wrapped with the glass noodles! hahaha... I know, I'm very creative. LOL

One picture of us after the meal... My first picture with the first I met for the first time after known her for so many years! Since 2002/3 I reckon?

Anyway, we had a very satisfying meal and I would very much love to try other traditional Korean food next time when I have the chance!

til then, I'm signing off now. Bye!

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