Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Land's End

When you're in Cornwall, another must-go place to be will be Land's End! (Apart from Minack Theatre, btw). Land's End is at the extreme western point of England and is also one of UK's most favourable landmarks.

I've heard of the 'Legendary' Land's End from several friends before this. "It's a place you MUST go.. MUST GO you know!" Been there now... The scenery was magnificent although my personal preference will go to Minack Theatre first. =) When you go there, it is a MUST to have our photo taken next to the famous Land's End signpost, and also visiting the First and Last House. We did the first one, but lazy to walk over to the house which is situated at north of the place.

As usual, pictures speaks more than words itself.. :-)

The first thing we saw after we parked our car... Tourist Centre. XD

The signpost and also the First and Last house at the very right of this pic... SO tiny! means kinda far... So we didn't walk over there...

The famous Land's End sign post

Myself and my nephew Qian relaxing and posing.. ok, he is the one that was posing, not me)

Can you spot the lighthouse in this picture? The sun was glaring but thank God it's still very very cooling there... *lurves*

My nephew overlooking the lighthouse off Land's End

Background: North of Land's End... Liked this pic alot... It looked so fake! LOL

We were so happy to be there in the evening when all the tour buses have gone back to their original destination they came from... So, means picture perfect and no pictures that are crowded with humans!

eg: Like the one below....


or this..


or even this....

Ha ha... With me in it-larh actually...

I will be so madly in lurve with this place, if only the wind was not so strong that day!! I can finally 'wrap' up the day after this picture coz you know what, I've taken about 20 pictures of this blardy signpost before that. Why? The gush of wind was blowing like nobody's business!!! I looked like ghost, mad girl, headless-only-hair girl before the above picture was 'perfected'... XD

Ok, I'm going to sign out now... kthxbai

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