Thursday, June 17, 2010


Felt so bored and decided to webcam with Kyrina. Actually no, she wanted to have a look at one of the bags I bought from Paris, so I showed it to her. From there, we chat, took some pictures and I decided to post it up here for remembrance!

Two silly girls have nothing better to do, so wasted some time on msn showing each other stuff... I showed her more bags, and I had dinner, while she showed me some homemade cookies that she is going to sell at the Charity Bazaar this weekend.

Well, I guess all the lazy bugs have creep into me again. I have more than 5,000 pictures to browse but I still haven't look at all the folders yet. LOL....

Anyway, this will be another short post coz I want to go clean up my room in a bit.


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Anonymous said...

what??? u bought bags again!!! u got enuf bag ady la, my dear...........