Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seafood Hot Pot

I can never forget this super satisfying Hot Pot (steamboat) session I had with both my brothers and sis-in-law @ New Jersey. EVER!!


You see, I am a seafood lover.


Nothing else matters... ^^

Let's see what we have here, from top left to bottom right. Got Lobsters, oysters, cuttlefish balls, beef balls, fish balls, cod fish fillet, SNOW CRABS, BIG ASS SCALLOPS, clams, shellfish, and quail eggs. Not in pic: My most most most favourite PRAWNS =(

I was so so so so very touched when he prepared so much of my favourite ingredients for the hotpot. I don't care whether I've said this for like a thousand times already, I wanted to say it again "I have the awesome-st brothers in the whole wide world!" hahahahaa

Second bro, Big bro and sis-in-law...

The meal was SO GOOD coz I was having them with my brothers... The top two men other than my Dad that sayang me the most... ^^ Secondly, I haven't really had seafood (not to mention good ones) since the last time I went back to Klang, and it was more than a year ago! Really missed all the seafood in the world coz in Sheffield, I don't get to eat all those. It's not that I am stingy or anything, it's because they are not fresh and also so damn freaking expensive ok! LOL...

I was so excited when I saw these.. Snow crab legs.. Normally I don't eat the 'legs' of normal crabs we get back home in Malaysia, coz they're too small and no meat in it. My favourite part of a crab is definitely the claw! Yumm.... BUT this is different, even the legs are so huge it makes me so happie just by looking at them... ^^

A collage of some of the ingredients..

We had this during supper, you can imagine how stuffed I was after the meal. Can't sleep after that coz I was so full I don't feel like sleeping after that. So, I stayed awake and watched a concert DVD that I bought a few days back.

Normally, I would take like a tonne of pictures of the food (before, during and after the meal)...This time, I'm sorry to say that I only took this one... Our first round of hot pot. After the seafood are cooked, I am not bothered in taking more pictures already... hahahaha...

Aahh, the joy of eating...

signing off now. -ta-


Ken Jun said...

arrr..snow crabs! darn...jealous@@

sunset2712 said...

Kenjun, I am even MORE jealous of ur rojak, lala, other food pics from ur blog ok!! hahahaha