Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One day in Hollywood

Well well well, a very very simple and short entry on one of the days we were in Hollywood, Los Angeles!! ^^

We kick start our day with a simple breakfast of toasts (lots of them!) and tea... and our adventure begin!

First stop of the day was to the HOLLYWOOD SIGN!! Except that we tried going there by foot! Walking! Jalan! It was a very good experience though. Can sightsee, and we're not tied down to any schedule or rush for buses or anything.

There's a saying that goes: You're not done with Los Angeles if you haven't seen the Hollywood sign... or something like that. So, by hook or by crook, we need at least get to the nearest place and have a picture (or more) taken there! XD

I tell you, it is NOT easy when you want to get to a place by foot ok. We have to walk under the super glaring sun, not to mention the sign is located at a montain so the route we took was kinda rough and steep and most of all, TIRING!

All of the craps we encountered soon paid off when we were half the distance from where we originally came from. I gave up the idea of walking all the way up coz it will take us another 1 or 2 hours minimum! But, it's good to finally have a chance to take picture of the sign. XD

After that place, we went over to Downtown LA. The main purpose we are there is to get a few jerseys from Staples Center. It's a place where every sports fan especially for basketball, and ice hockey will know! It is Home to five of LA's pro sports franchises; Lakers (NBA), Kings (NHL), Clippers (NBA), Avengers (AFL), and Sparks (WNBA), plus many concerts, shows and conventions. I am not a fan, so I have no clue what this Staples Center was until I googled the place before we went over there. =)

From one place to another. Still in Downtown LA, we took Metro from LA Union Station to Chinatown to have lunch. Ling said that we need to make a point to visit every Chinatown there is, whenever we're in a new City. LOL...

By this time, we're both quite tired from all the walking and we finally took a cab to one of the nearest mall to rest for a while before we head back to our hotel and shower.

In the evening, we walk along the super long stretch of Hollywood Boulevard to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This walk is embedded with a few thousand celebrities including fictional characters like Bugs Bunny or Winnie the Pooh for their contributions to the entertainment industry.

Some of the celebrities name that was embedded on the walk @ Hollywood Walk of Fame. XD

At this point, we went to numerous souvenir shops but did not buy anything at the end of the day coz the prices are ridiculously expensive! After out attempt to find nice and reasonable priced souvenirs failed, we then hopped on to a cab and ask him to take us to the nearest In-N-Out Burger. But he refuse to take us there coz it's just about 300m away from our location and we walked to the place after that. LOL

After our very very satisfying dinner, we head back to our hotel and calls it a day.

So there, our one day spent in Hollywood, California!

til then, ttfn!

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I would love to visit LA <3