Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MK's 25th Birthday

Today's Veron aka MK Lee's 25th Birthday but we had an earlier celebration for him yesterday. I am being efficient once again by updating this so quick! XD

We had a nice barbecue session. There are only a few of us but the amount of ingredient and food that they bought are madness! Last summer, I was also here for their BBQ session but it's for ChaiLing's birthday instead. There are quite a few of us are not around this time, this year, but it's still good to have gatherings like this. =)

All ingredients are bought and prepared by ChaiLing, MunEe and KK coz the rest of us are either busy, or working, or busy working...

I went over at 6-ish and started eating up til 8-ish! hahahaha... Had 4 chicken wings, uncountable marinated pork, mushrooms, crabsticks, sausages, fish, vegies, etc... While eating, we were having fun chit chatting, poking fun of other people and at the same time gossip/ crapping too... This activity went on up to 12am and it is officially MK's 25th Birthday.

As usual, it's the cake cutting session by the Birthday boy and then followed by finishing all of the bits and pieces of the cake (obviously)!!

They were quite creative with the presents that all of us shared to buy for him. The first gift was....

25 packs of instant noodle! 25 packs = 25 years old. XD

After Veron took this pic, he placed the box aside and all of us were laughing at him and asked him to look closely and dig into the box and see what other 'treasures' that are awaiting for him at the bottom...

The second, third, and fourth gift.

Some jersey, a CK wallet, and also an EDT.

Group photo time!

After that, followed by a drinking session... I stayed back while some of them made a move back to their respective homes. A very simple game this time. All we need is just 6 dice, 5 glasses, 1 jug, and some drinks. And pour the drink (How ever full you please) and the first person with the dice would have to drink whatever that's in the glass if it's full, or fill up the glass if it's empty.

Here's the first round. 5 glasses filled with Smirnoff and some cordial.

The first person was Xian... He drank the 1st and the 2nd glass.

Followed by Yik... as you can see, the first round of drink almost been drunk by the first two person. wahahaha... Kesian them.

2 jugs of Smirnoff done.... Changed drink... To Chivas this time around. The first person that has to drink was KK.

All bad hearted people that filled up these glasses... @@

After a couple of jugs and round... Finally, it came til the last two glasses!

Somebody's suggesting who should have the honour to drink it... The final decision was Yik and the birthday boy! LOL...

... and there are some beer left... So, Ching and the birthday boy had it too...

See all of their expressions after some drink... LOL

I was about to go home when somebody says he wants a 'one-on-one' session with me... I couldn't reject coz it's the birthday boy's request. I know he was joking, but I continued to 'joke' with him and teman him play for a while more...

Had 3 shots each...

and the birthday boy is gone... *puke puke*...

It was getting quite late ( or shall I say, early morning) coz it was half past 3 when we left. Had great food with awesome company... Went back happiieee.... and a final picture of the birthday boy and me before I conclude this entry.

Til then, ttfn! XD

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