Saturday, May 15, 2010

Longwood Gardens

I won't be blabbing much in this post... Just pictures and some captions... Lack of time to tell grandma stories coz I lacked of sleep. I somehow sense I SHOULD be paying off my sleeping debt, and yet I've been sleeping for like 2 to 3 hours per day (only!) for two weeks already!

The title for this post is Longwood Gardens, and it's a place which is located at Pennsylvania, US of A. It is one of the premier botanical gardens in the United States and my brother insist that I should visit this place coz I told him I was quite upset for not being able to go to Amsterdam for to see their tulips in April.

Taken from Wiki...

Today Longwood Gardens consists of 20 outdoor gardens and 20 indoor gardens within 4.5 acres (18,200 m²) of heated greenhouses, known as conservatories. It contains 11,000 different types of plants and trees, as well as fountains.

Longwood's conservatory is one of the world's greatest greenhouse structures. The conservatory alone is home to 5,500 types of plants. An exploration of the 20 indoor gardens spanning a half mile takes about an hour and a half. Gardens of the conservatory, each with its own exquisite displays of plants, include The Orangery, Silver Garden, Acacia Passage, Orchid House, Cascade Garden, Palm House, Mediterranean Garden, Tropical Terrace and the Outdoor Water Garden display. Since its original construction date in 1919, it has undergone expansions and renovations. In January 2003, the East Conservatory was closed for a renovation project. On October 29, 2005, the main hall of the East Conservatory was once again opened to the public.

We only been to a part of the Garden coz it was raining when we went so we have to settle with their indoor conservatory and the tulip garden only..

Well, pictures ahead. Judge for yourself whether it is a beautiful place or not. =)

In the Conservatory

Lilytopia @ the majestic East Conservatory

My big brother and I @ the West Conservatory complex... Freaking TALL cactus behind us!

Some unusual and unique plant... Saw a photographer taking so many pics of this, I followed too... LOL

Another unique tree trunk... Like Durian!

Various beeeautiful flowers... Ranging from Lilies to roses to orchids.

More flowers.... XD

Rose house

My sis-in-law with me @ the rose house...

Lovely couple at the Palm house

Not sure where is this... But still in the conservatory

Bonsai and cascade garden.

My bro said they used to have this outdoor waterlily display. I was not so fortunate, it's under construction when I went... wasted!

Pipe organ at the Ball Room. Got this information from the room itself.. "Music has been a part of Longwood's Conservatory since it first opened. In 1921, an Aeolian Pipe Organ was installed in the Exhibition Hall. In 1929, Pierre du Pont ordered a much larger Aeolian Organ for Longwood's new ballroom"

.. and up next, the fragrance room! XD

I was so excited when we were in this room coz we're allowed to create our own fragrance from the few selection that they offer... See the machine that was beside me at the top left of the above pic? It's where I 'create' my own scent... ^^

The many many many selections of different fragrance!

The selection for us...

Spend quite some time in the fragrant room... and back to the main conservatory area.

... and to Indoor Children's Garden

Some cute lil/big creatures that stays in the garden... Got dragon, lizard, etc...

Saw this little girl and she's soooo cute! Was playing with the water and giggling away happily...

Now, outdoor time!

Mind you, it was still raining when we went strolling outdoor. I was desperate already. I am happy to carry an umbrella around as long as I can see these GORGEOUS flowers!

At the Tulip Walk

See these!!


Bro and his wife walking ahead of me...

As always, I was busy shooting... ^^

The highlight of the tour will be Longwood's 600-foot long Flower Garden Walk bursting with colours... See these little bulbs... Really made my day eventhough it's raining... It would be PERFECT if it's sunny that day. Oh well, nothing's perfect, eh?

One of my favourite pic for the day... *happiee*

Part of the breathtaking walk....

There are more than 100,000 tulips in this place yo!

Awww.... by looking at this pic, I wish I have the chance to go there again...

Orangey coloured Tulips... Awesome!

It's my first time seeing WHITE tulips... Well, they're not my favourite coz the colour are not as cheerful as the others! From afar it looks like those flowers we used to made from tissue papers... LOL...

A close-up...

Frankly, we only cover a small part of the gigantic Longwood Garden. Bad weather kills (almost) everything!

But all in all, I still went back a happy girl...


You see....

Who won't be happy after admiring all these pretty flowers you tell me?! LOL...

Hope I have the chance to visit this place in the future! And I'll make sure to cover all the beautiful plants they have there!

omg it's 3am now... One hour to finish this post! *faint*

Til my next update, ttfn!

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