Monday, May 3, 2010

In-N-Out Burger

On the day when I reached New York and met my brother's friends, I told them that I will be going over to California. And the immediate response from one of them was, "Omg, you gotta try their In-N-Out burger! It's only available there!"

Well, we stayed in Los Angeles for 3 nights but only had the infamous burger on the second night coz I failed to locate where the nearest restaurant is to us!

On the first night, we had Thai food for dinner, which I am not quite happy with, so I will not blog about it here.

In-N-Out burger at Sunset Boulevard

It's kinda funny thinking how we get to this place. We were at Hollywood Blvd and already standing at Sunset Blvd. Being the very clueless me, I suggested that we take a cab to the nearest In-N-Out restaurant coz we were both very hungry at that point of time.

So, we approach a taxi driver and asked him to take us to the nearest burger place. Then, he laughed out and told us to get out of the cab and told us to walk about 200 metres from where we were standing, and voila, we will see our place of destination. LOLLL

And here we are, at the entrance of In-N-Out Burger!

In-N-Out has a very limited menu that consist of only three types of burgers. The Double-Double, Cheeseburger and Hamburger. I was amazed by the simplicity of their menu and thought, "Heck, their burgers must be darn good. Only 3 options for people to choose from, and yet this place is packed with humansss!"

Simple menu

Ordering as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Although the place was packed with people, their staff still greet everyone with a smile and seemingly happy to serve anyone that came by the entrance. They seem to be having fun working there. Think their pay must be real good coz most of the staff are running around like mad to prepare orders for the customers, and yet they seemed in a good mood. LOL...

This is by far the most staff I see in a kitchen [in a fast food place]. More staff in that jam packed kitchen!

Now, I shall show you what we had for dinner!

We each ordered a double-double meal and ordered another additional cheese to share. The meal was really value for money as both of us paid only about $6 for the meal.

Good burger, and good fries!! [I don't even like fries in the first place]

Oh ya, you see these little yellow peppers below?

I went to the counter after we've got our food, and asked for some peppers, you know, those ground black peppers? Instead, the staff gave me these cute lil yellow peppers... ^^ Don't be fooled of the cuteness, they are madly spicy!! Hot hot HOT~! I had only half of the pepper and I can't take it anymore. So, what I did? I kept a packet in my bag, and brought it back for my brother! LOL... He ate it and say it's nothing. What kind of taste bud does my brother has? I have no idea. hahaha...

Anyway, we really had an enjoyable time at In-N-Out burger and hope I can have a taste of it soon! ^^

As usual, one last picture of myself with my double-double!

Cheerios to In-N-Out! The best burger in LA hands down... XD

Til my next post, ttfn!

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog and thanks for sharing! Hope I have a chance to visit your country in the future. I went to Singapore twice this year, but didn't have the chance to visit Malaysia. I lunched at JB a couple times, but that didn't count.

In-N-Out burgers and fries are really juicy and good because the meats are never frozen and lettuces and tomatoes are all always fresh. They use real potatoes without adding preservatives unlike Mickey D's fries. You can also google In-N-Out secret menu.

j @ San Francisco
p.s. visit San Francisco if you have a chance. It's a nice city to visit!