Monday, May 17, 2010


There's this trending (#happy34leehom) on Twitter and I've post a birthday message to our dear LH too! Erm, he won't be reading that for sure but I'm still happiieee... XD

Well, this entry doesn't serve a purpose of anything except me being happy coz it's Leehom's birthday.. LOL

It's Leehom's 34th (gasp!) Birthday! So here goes:

Wang Leehom, Selamat Hari Jadi! Happy Birthday to you!! & 生日快樂!!!

Homboy sudah tiga puluh empat tahun!!

Just checked on his facebook page, and yes, he DID post a pic and a message there! XD

He posted a pic last year and this year was no exception too...

Here's the pic...

Cheeky Leehom! Wonder what is he looking on his laptop... Birthday messages from fans perhaps? hahahahah...

and his message to the rest of the world... =)

"Oh my, who's birthday is it today?! Wish me happy birthday Facebookers! 臉書們 祝我生日快樂! 哈哈 開心很重要。。。wish you are all HAPPY!"

Wish all of us to be happy? Yeah, we'll certainly be!


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