Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finale part of my Spring USA Trip

Today's the last day of May and I promise myself to 'settle' this once and for all...

My initial plan was to blog those interesting places that I went in separate entries. However, due to my laziness and other factors that prevent me from doing so, what I can do now is to post some pictures over here of the places I went one month ago. Yes, it's been a month (or more for some places) since I last came back to Sheffield and I am still NOT done talking about the trip. Why? Coz it's too fun already! That's why. =)

This will be like a summary/ conclusion of the last 2 weeks in US. The first two weeks, the places I went include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pennsylvania and back to New York once again. Due to the volcanic ash from Iceland that affected the airspace in England, I have no choice but to stay for another 2 weeks longer.

And these are the place that I been during the past 2 weeks. Besides these places, I just stay in @ my brother's place in Hamilton. Basically just on-line and chilling at home.. =)

1: Belmar.

The same day when we are heading to Atlantic City. Big bro stopped by at Belmar and Avon-by-the-sea for me to take some pictures after our breakfast session early in the morning!!! We depart at 7a.m!! I was not affected coz I continued to sleep in the car while he's driving... hahahaha

2: Atlantic City.

The first thing when people mentioned about Atlantic City, it's definitely associated with gambling or casino. It's true, considering there are sooo many casinos there! But I really enjoy a day trip with both my brothers and walking along the boardwalk.

3: Columbus Farmers Market

Heard so much about the Flea Market in US and I finally been to one!! The flea market is somewhat similar with UK's Car Boot Sale except it is much much better than that!! The place is huge with hundreds of different stalls selling old and new flea market items... I lurve this place coz there are lots and lots of bargains! hahahaha... Well, it's not open everyday though. Just from Thursday, Saturday and Sunday if I haven't mistaken it with Golden Nugget Antique Market at Lambertville (Another flea market, with MORE antiques!)

4: Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Game

Watched a Baseball game at Citizens Bank Park, the home of Philadelphia Phillies. Frankly, I do not know A THING on baseball. The reason I pester my brother to take me to a game is just to enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium while watching it with thousands of people wearing the same red tee/ jersey. =)

It was April 15th that day. I was curious why all the players from both teams wear #42, and later only got to know that it's "Jackie Robinson Day". It is a traditional event which occurs annually in Major League Baseball, commemorating honouring the day Jackie Robinson (I have no idea who he is) made his major league debut. The festivity is a result of Robinson's memorable career, best known for becoming the first African-American major league baseball player of the modern era in 1947. (Taken from Wikipedia)

5: Philadelphia

During that one month I was in US, I made it to Philadelphia for 3 times! Once with my second bro for Phillies game, second time with big bro and sis-in-law to eat, and third time to sightsee...

Visited the Independence Hall (the place where the Independence Declaration was adopted), Reading Terminal Market (the place with lots of varieties of food!), the Liberty Bell (one of the major symbol of independence within the US, and also has been described as an icon of liberty and justice), United States Mint (the place where coins are produced!) and a few more places in the state.

6: Washington, D.C.

The capital of the United States. How can I NOT go, right??? The White House is there, the United States Congress is there, the Washington monument is there, and everything that is important and made out of history are all there! So, although I am not a fan of history, I still need to go to Washington D.C.! LOL...

7: Meeting the Presidents!

Oh ya, did I tell you I met US's president Barack Obama there too? Not only him, I met sooo many US presidents I don't know whose who in the end of the day. Where did I met them? It's none other than Madame Tussauds Washington D.C. of course! hahahahaha...

8: Shenandoah Caverns

This caverns id a commercial show save in Virginia. Situated at Shenandoah Valley, it's an awesome place that are open to public for visiting. We have to pay to see the caverns though. If it's free, it'll be perfect already! Tell you a thing, we actually need to take lift in order to go down to see the cave! The guide said it's the only cave in that area with lift access.

9: Baltimore in Maryland.

Was in a hurry to go back and stopped by at this place for about an hour plus only. =( This city is located in the central of Maryland and the city centre is filled with shopping and entertainment. I got so excited when I spotted HRC from far far away and went straight to the place once we reached there. LOL...

10: Princeton, New Jersey

Stopped by at Princeton for the first time to grab a super super awesome Hoagie at Hoagie Haven aftlive.er a day's shopping in Woodbury Outlet. Second time, was with my second brother coz he felt that I need to go out to have a walk instead of just staying at home laying fats for more than 3 days straight. hahahaha... Basically we just walked along Nassau Street (the main street), visited Princeton University and walk to the so-called home where Einstein used to live (for a short period). Got SO 'zadou-ed' when we reached there coz it is just a normal residential house!! What we did was only 'googled' the address and this damn address popped out. It was ok in the end coz I get to take a pic with Eintein's head in the park fml.

Wokayyyy... Finally!! I.am.done!!!!!

No more USA trip entries after this... Unless I go there for another time, of course! hahahaha...

Going to London (again), and Paris (again!!) this coming Thursday! Need to find out more attraction points that I haven't been before after this. XD

Til then, ttfn!


bloodbubble said...

wow you really covered so many places during your trip. I didn't know DC, Philly, Atlantic City are within driving distance from NJ

Ken Jun said...

You starting to make me to love US~..lols