Sunday, May 23, 2010

Banzai Japanese Restaurant

More updates on food... from the States! =)

Japanese Food @ Banzai Restaurant in Trenton, NJ

It's been a long long time since I last had good sushi and sashimis... Can't remember when was the last time I had Japanese food though...

I'll cut all the crap and show you what my second brother Jason and I had for dinner after watching Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

First of...

Apple Martini

I ordered this cute little drink and don't really enjoy it. In the end, I push the drink aside and my bro ended up finishing the whole thing...

While waiting for our mains to be served, this was placed in front of us.

Monk fish liver...

I do not know what is that before I taste it and I totally lurve it! Jason said this Monk Fish liver are very very expensive... How true is it? I'm not so sure about it... BUT, one word, it's AWESOME!

Miso soup...

I ordered a bowl of miso soup and felt guilty for not finishing the soup at the end of the day. Too many other good food, I have no choice but to skip the soup. hahaahha

Here comes our sushi!!

Sushi!! Spicy tuna+ tuna, Fish roe, and Unagi sushi.... XD

Jason ordered the tuna sushi and I ordered the other two. The best part was, I finished all of them without sharing with him! *greedy greedy*

Here's me and the sushi... =)

Myself with the platter before we start munch munch munch away...

Scallop and fish roe handroll *slurppp*


Spider & Dinosaur Roll

Spider roll is on the left: Tempura soft shell crab with avocado and cucumber
Dinosaur roll: Prawn tempura, mango, cucumber topped with Eel tempura & spicy mayonnaise

So much food, but only two tummys... We can't finish all of them so ended up take some of the leftover home.

Before we leave the place conclude this entry... Here's one collage pic of myself and my brothers!

Frankly, this was one of the best Japanese food I had in quite some time now. Was utterly satisfied with the meal that leave me feeling sooo stuffed! ^^

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