Friday, April 9, 2010

USA Trip (so far)

It's Day 9 I'm in the US and am currently updating this entry from our accommodation in Los Angeles while waiting for Ling a.k.a bloodbubble to shower.... =)

The trip's been GREAT so far!! Will just make a quick summary of where I went and (hopefully) will update the rest of my trips when I get back to Sheffield in 9 days time.

So, here goes...

Day 1 - Arrived at New Jersey in the evening. Second brother Jason took me to Jackson outlet (which was half an hour drive away) and I bought a Coach bag! Had dinner with his mates in a nice Spanish restaurant.

Day 2 - Woke up VERY early and head to Woodbury Outlet... More shopping!

Day 3 - Went down to New York city and met my sister-in-law there. Had Malaysian food, which was quite disappointing. Then SIL brought me to jalan-jalan around NYC and we had Japanese buffet for dinner. Go and meet Yeeling after dinner.

Day 4 - New York city stroll til night, and proceed to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut at night.

Day 5 - Watched Mayday's concert with Ling. Btw, she's here solely for their concerts!! (note the plural form). Back to New York after the concert.

Day 6 - Visited Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty. Touring around NYC is complete after seeing the Liberty Lady. Met Lily (our Homie from Boston) and she brought us to Katz Deli to have dinner. Lots of celebrities goes there!!! Even Daniel Wu... XD

Day 7 - Morning flight to San Francisco. Went on to ride the classic Cable Car there. Had one of the awesomest dinner in a long long time there!

Day 8 - Visited the Golden Gate Bridge. My trip to SF is complete. Then proceed to walk along the pier... Had lousy dinner at the biggest Chinatown in the world outside Asia.

Day 9 - Morning flight to Los Angeles. Attended Mayday's Press Conference in Universal City Walk. Ling won passes for it and brought me along!

Well, I can only update up to now coz I can't predict what will happen these few days. I'll be in LA for 3 more days and will go back to New Jersey and stay at my brother's place for a few more days before flying back to London.

Spent more than half an hour typing this. Gotta run. Thai dinner later, hope it's good. =)


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thengfei said...

U knw wat, reading ur blogs reli make me feels im a 'frog under the coconut shell'...gosh...when wil ever gonna get to enjoy my life like word J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!