Saturday, April 24, 2010

New York City (Part 2)

More sightseeing on the second day! Although we did not cover so many places on a day, but it's good enough coz by the end of the day, I'm knackered!

The first sightseeing bus I see in New York. Don't know how much it cost coz we did not hop onto the bus. Hahahah...

So, we went about by foot and Subway.

A typical New York park... Near Wall Street.

We were on our way to Bowling Green, the stop for Liberty Island but half way, we stopped at the Financial District Wall Street to take a few pictures there!

Here is one of me with a 100 dollar bill @ Wall Street. ^^

Reached the place and got a shock as the queue to the (first) screening is crazy! We have to go through few screenings to finally see the Statue of Liberty. For security purposes konon. -__-

But Thanks to Ling, we reserve a pair of tickets for us months earlier, we save about half our time for queuing! Not cut queue straight to the front, half way is better than the full wait! LOL...

First screening done, off we go to Liberty Island yay!

View of Battery Park from the ferry. =)

Look at the queue!! Mad crazy ok! I wonder how long these people have to wait to get onto the ferry.

This one will be Ellis Island, situated at the north of Liberty Island. It was the gateway for millions of immigrants to US many many years ago.

After much wait, finally a pic of myself and the Statue of Liberty (from afar)!!!!

The green lady, symbol of the American dream of freedom who takes everyone's breath away, however many times we've seen her in photographs.

..and not forgetting the amazing view of New York cityscape with lots of tall and modern buildings... Awesome!

First place to go after visiting the information centre is none other than the gift shop! Pardon my shopaholic nature... ^^

Souvenirs on display

Got myself a souvenir coin and a bag! I wanted to get a shot glass but there is none there. hhmm...

We went through another screening before we could get to the Statue of Liberty museum and also the green lady herself. This time, we waited even longer! It's all worth it coz we get to see this...

The miniature version.... the real deal coming up very very soon *excited*

She is one HEAVY statue lor! Weighs 225 tons, and is 151ft tall, has an 8ft index finger and a skin of 300 copper plates!

We did not managed to get a ticket to go all the way up to the statue. So, we only settled for the observation level ticket.

156 step only. easy, peasy..... (you think! it's quite tiring also ok!)

Alright, we're here. Actually I was quite disappointed when I get to this place. All we can see was this???!!! *sobs*

Mood cheered a little when we walked out to the pedestal.

View was super awesome! XD

Can't see her head from the pedestal... No worries, there are much to see later on... *happieee*

Myself with Ling... Both our eyes can hardly open..Strong wind and sun glaring like nobody's business.. T_T

Walked for a round and saw this... New York at the far end and also Ellis Island...

Military forts of New York Harbour...

Took some pictures of the statue @ the star-shaped pedestal... Which I think was pretty good.. hahahaha

Different angles...

How can I not take picture with me inside, right? I kinda regretted I post with that two silly peace signs... Urgh!!

One of my favourite pic of the day... On the ferry back to Battery Park.

Our schedule was kinda packed towards the second half of the day. From one station to another we hopped on off on off.

In the Subway...

First stop was to Manhattan Chinatown to pick up Ling's bag, then off we go to Brooklyn Chinatown to collect some signed posters of Mayday. =)

Then it was time for us to go meet Ling's friend (Homie from Boston) coz she will be staying with us for the night and bring us around..

We are now at Midtown Manhattan already!

Rockefeller Centre! A toy shop behind...

We were quite inn a hurry so I just simply point and shoot at the buildings that I see and go. No time to digest what was what...

A church... The first thing we saw when we came out from the building...

...and this one!!!! the skating rink! Lower plaza of Rockefeller Center..

Flags from countries around the world, Prometheus @ the skating rink, etc...

It's only few days after Easter so we could still see the bunny plant and Easter egg there... Oh, with some really gorgeous flowers too..

Finally, met up with Ling's friend... also my friend now! hahaahah....

John, Hilary, Lily, Ling & me.

When we were walking, I saw this shop and asked them to stop for a while coz I wanted to get something there... Felt so embarrass coz all of then have to wait for me while I get a few souvenirs there..

After that, Lily brought us to walk around 5th Avenue area...

More buildings yo!

I was so excited when I saw Trump tower coz I used to watch it on TV! The Apprentice is a really good show!

I stood in front of the building for a while to capture more pics of course! LOLLL...

We walked and walked and walked til almost dinner time and stopped by at this great place for dinner...

Well, I'll save that for another post coz this one is getting a lil too long! hahahaha...

Til then, ttfn!

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