Sunday, April 18, 2010

New York City (Part 1)

My third day in USA. Big bro accompanied me to NYC and we were there in-time for lunch. I've always craved for a decent plate of Wanton Mee since, erm a few months back and I suggested we go to tryout some Malaysian food in Manhattan Chinatown.

Me at the entrance of this little Malaysian restaurant.

The first dish that I ordered was Wanton Mee! Here are the other food we ordered... for two person! hahaha

Wanton mee, wanton soup, fried oyster omelet, and wa tan hor

When the food came, I was utterly disappointed with my plate of Wanton Mee. NOT GOOD!!

Sis-in-law came to meet us when we were half way having our lunch. Good timing too coz we ordered a lil too much of food. *greedy greedy*

A pic of 3 of us... XD

After lunch, we walked around Manhattan Chinatown... I was amazed as Chinatown was really really huge! So many streets and it's totally different from Chinatown in London. hahahaha. There are so much to see, so much to eat, and so much to buy too!

The weather was super hot that day! Sun was so glaring and at times, it was so difficult to look at things.

From Chinatown, we went over to Little Italy in lower Manhattan. I've read from one of the guidebook that this 'Little Italy' was once very big. But now, it has been slowly 'eaten' by the Chinese coz Chinatown is just nearby.

I was very excited coz it was my first time in NYC and I start shooting away with my camera. Everything thing I see, I just point and shoot!

From random streets...

... to random buildings... Hahahaha...

Oh ya, one thing I noticed about the buildings in NYC is that, all of them are tall, and squarish! Some what similar to Lego blocks, only the difference is that they're not as colourful as Lego blocks! LOL...

By this time, Big bro parted with us and that leaves me with my sis-in-law loitering in one of the busiest city in the world. ^^

I wanted to go to Madison Square Garden just to check out some NBA tickets but in the end I didn't manage to get any tickets home. The place was packed with people, and I think there was some event going on that time. Should be some circus... ^^

See the building... Tall and square...

Took some pictures there and we proceed to randomly walk and sight-see.

It is very convenient taking the Subway in NYC, although some times I might get confused with all the different lines, but everywhere is connected through the subway system! We did not take a lot of Subway on this day though, prefer walking and look see look see... ^^

What's next?

This one!

Macy's!!! I've read about Macy's in some fictions and finally I've step foot into the store! It's one of the largest American department stores selling mid to high range stuff.

It's spring time and they are having this flower theme in the store.

Look at the crowd! Every floor are packed with people! By this time, my feet really hurts... Main culprit was the new pumps that I bought from River Island the week before! Ggrrrr...

The is a whole floor on shoes alone!! Brand from Nine West to Aldo... Whatever brand you can think of, it's there!

I was searching for a pair of comfortable and CHEAP sandals but all prices are not cheap lor. Minimum maybe $40? Then I stumbled across Marc Fisher and finally bought a pair of flats at 40 bucks!

They have some really nice shoes but I was not bothered with all of them coz don't really have the mood to wear super high footwear already. hhhmmm...

I told my sis-in-law that I wanted to get some souvenirs from Macy's so we went down to the lowest floor. What did I bought?

A BAG!! Small tote, coz it's the only stuff that I think is worth the price and I can afford wtf. +.+

Then, I took the opportunity to shoot again. Didn't buy, capturing the pics are good enough *cheapskate mode ON*

Lots of souvenirs from the house brand yo!

Me with the Liberty lady in Macy's... ^^

A whole range of Macy's products for kids.

Macy's Spring Is in the Air flower show at Herald Square

and look! Even their ceilings are so nice... Wish I could pluck one of the strings down... hahahah Nice butterflies!

We spent a good few hours in the store and I only ended up buying a pair of flats and a tote. Not bad, right? Control my shopaholic nature. ho ho ho

One pic of myself before we proceed to our next stop!

New Yorkers chilling...

Where's our next stop?

Forever 21!!! But when I saw the queue to pay, I immediately dash out from the place. So it's like I went into F21 for 2 minutes, and went out straight. Fitting room queue are long, and queue to the cashier is even longer! *faint*

Queue at F21.

It was almost dinner time by this time. My sis-in-law asked me what I would like to have for dinner and I said anything is OK to me. So, she brought me to this street filled with lots and lots of Japanese and Korean shops!


Korea Way ^^

We ended up in one of the Japanese Buffet place that have like 200 varieties of food from sashimi, to desserts!

The business was very good, and so are the food. Food are being replaced and added like every few minutes. It's about 10 times better than the Japanese buffet in Malaysia!

I didn't know there is a no-camera rule there. After I've snapped about 5 pictures or so, one of the waitress asked me politely to not taking any pictures. T_T

I've tried 2 out of all these... One is sea urchin, another one is salmon roe! *yums*

I seriously had A LOT of food that evening!! Can't remember I've refilled how many times, but here's some of the food we had. hehehehe

From raw to steamed to grilled stuff! I am madly in lurve with their fresh oysters and snow crabs!!! *slurp*

Macam-macam tempuras! I took mostly prawns though (what else, right?!) hahaha

and more room for fruits and desserts!

Normally, the desserts that I had in various buffets sucks and I did not expect much from the desserts either. But, these are surprisingly good!

I particularly liked the strawberry yogurt and coffee cheesecake! Sedap to the max...

I wanted to take more of the cheesecake but my tummy already screams "STOP!!" So, I obliged for worrying that my tummy will have a 'strike' and makes me sick later on.

After dinner, the sky's already dark so I parted with my sis-in-law and I went back to the hotel in Van Wyck alone. The journey back to the hotel seems to take forever although it's less than hour by underground.

Ling was scheduled to arrive there at about 11-ish so I waited for her and our USA trip officially begins! ^^

More updates soon.

Til then, ttfn!!


Lily said...

u should've stopped at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory!!! OMG the ice cream is home made so yummy! & shouldve stopped by Ferrara's in Lito Italy. They got the best gelato & tiramisu! I know u might have better since ur in europe. but its good enough for the states lol. =]

sunset2712 said...

I'll make a stop there before I go back to London next week!