Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mayday 五月天 DNA World Tour: Mohegan Sun stop

Met bloodbubble on my third night in NYC and we went sightseeing together as well as attend concerts together too! =) Her main purpose that attracts her over to the States was none other than Mayday only! They are having 4 concerts and different places and she went to all four! *salute*

I'll blog about the concert today on top of all my other interesting journeys in US coz this is the easiest to update! hahahaa... Just post some pics, and vids, and voila!

Right, where shall I start? Mohegan Sun is located at Connecticut and it is actually a casino. Something like Genting Highlands in Malaysia but this is not at a hill top... 五月天 Mayday had two sessions there. One concert at 2am and the other at 2pm. Yes, you saw it right. 2 in the morning! >.<> 軋車 and the atmosphere in the arena immediately lighten up! I have not attended any rock concerts before, so I am fairly excited when they came out. Hey Mayday, it's my FIRST time going to a rock concert, and I am not disappointed with it... Oh ya, the concerts in the States are really punctual. When the time comes, the show starts. *two thumbs up* for that!

Anyway, I can't say I am Mayday's biggest fan but among all 5 of them, I like Monster a.k.a 怪獸 the most. The best part was, the whole time, he was standing right in front of me!! *happiieeee*

See how close it that! No extra head that blocked my view. It'll be perfect if the person in front was Leehom. hahahahaha...

Oh ya, bloodbubble made a sign/banner that says Malaysia and Ashin (coz she likes him) and both of them got confiscated towards the second song of the concert. Masa and Mons saw the 'Malaysia' sign though... =) They must be blind if they din see it coz it was right in front of them!

Since our seat are at the very front, we took the opportunity to camwhore also lah! LOL...

Here's one with Masa and Ashin in the background...

And another one with Mons at the background! I developed this picture out, but it doesn't look nice. My face is too big already... T_T

I shoot a LOT of pictures of him (怪獸) and at one point, I felt a bit guilty and started to snap other band members' pictures too. The security during the concert was like crap though, they forbid us to take photos or videos, but hey, do you think I will comply? NO WAY lor... We came all the way from another side of the world and no pictures? You must be kidding me. hahahaha.... So here are more pictures coming your way.

Mr Ashin. At the very start of the concert, I only wanted to record 你不是真正的快樂 and D.N.A cos these songs are at the top of my list from Mayday. I managed to record the first song at the 2am show but not D.N.A. =(

Mr Masa.

Didn't manage to capture any pic of the other guitarist, Stone coz he was at the other corner of the stage. Plus, I have more better objects to shoot at that very moment too!

The guys sang about 5 to 6 songs before they had a rest and we were being entertained with videos of them. He is one that I've recorded in full... A song called 知足

Then, this bear bear that plays the base/guitar came out. Performing 生存以上生活以下. It's Masa! I know coz I was asking Ling throughout the whole show. I think I am quite annoying by asking so must, but really can't help it lor! LOL...

I did not have the change to shoot any pictures of Stone until he came to our side of the stage. He's super good lor... I waved to him and he posed!

Ngek ngek ngek... So good... My hand were a lil bit shaky, hence the picture turned out to be not so perfect. hhmmm....

He then went back to his original position and Mons is back...

This one so gaya, can die!

One more!

I can't remember the exact tracklist but they performed to a few Hokkien songs like 垃圾车, 憨人and 叫我第一名 during the afternoon concert only.

The changed 4 times and there was supposedly to have more set of costumes. Hhmm....

Here's the 3rd one...

of Monster...

...and Ashin, wearing his own label Stay Real. Promote kao kao... LOL

This one should when he was singing 最重要的小事 coz I remembered the lyrics! =)

Don't know what song when I have a shot of this. Like them though... hehehehe

Towards the end of the session where they wore this set of costumes.

Salute from him... XD

... and they came out with DNA concert tees. Casual, cute and nice. I took mores picture from this session onwards coz before that there's this big fat and ugly security keep on buzzing around asked us not to take pictures... -_______-

*Paiseh* Most pictures of Monster only... So here's one of Masa

...and Ashin...

This is when Ashin is 'separating' the fans section. 恋爱ING time, when the arena was divided into 4 fans section... L.O.V.E section. We were undoubtedly in 怪獸's section lor... hahahaha...

Confetti from the ceiling... So beautiful... =)

The duration for the concert was not that long and with a blink of an eye, it's coming to an end. They sang for about two and a half hours only. Normally concerts in Asia is about 3 hours!!

One last picture of us with our new friend from Toronto. =)

If you want to view more video's from the concert, you can click HERE.

Two blog posts in a day. Yay to me!!!!

As for now, I'm signing off already. Ta.


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sunset2712 said...

Hahahaha can't resist ler thengfei! no worries, u will see them soon enuf! and rockzone wil be much more fun yo~ XD

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