Saturday, April 24, 2010

Katz's Delicatessen

Also known as Katz Deli, is situated at the Lower East Side of NYC. Have to thank Lily for bringing us there coz this place is really an eye opener for me. Good food and lots to see! XD

We were each given a 'ticket' when we enter the place. Then, when we are done eating in the place, we will have to pay by using the ticket. If the ticket has gone missing, there's a penalty to pay, but I'm not sure how much. A good way to minimise people having 'free lunch' I guess.

All walls are filled with photographs of their (famous) guests from all over the place! I was too engrossed of taking pis of the wall and forgotten to take any of the counters and menu. T_T

The place is famous for the pastrami sandwich, almost 9 out of 10 people ordered the same thing. I did not follow the crowd and I opt for something else. Kinda regretted it when I ordered mine but later it was all mended as the Cheesesteak was truly good too! =)

My Cheesesteak. Looks ordinary, but taste realllyyy good too!

*drools* Don't look down on this Pastrami sandwich. Two people can get on by having just one sandwich as the portion is really HUGE! and it comes together with the pickled cucumber too!

Ling ordered this but I had about half of it, and ended up taking away my Cheesesteak home. LOL... Don't get me wrong, its not that my Cheesesteak is not good, but people say taking home the pastrami, the taste wont be as good when you eat it there and then.

A collage of all the goodness combined together... XD

After eating, Ling & I went for a 'tour' in the place. Took some pictures, spotted many celebrities that have dined here before us and got so happy when I found Elijah Wood's picture! (remember Frodo from Lord of the Rings, that cute guy!) hahahaa...

After our little tour, we are set to settle the bill and took our little ticket to the exit and pay.

Our ticket. All good things come with a price and to tell the truth, it's quite pricey for me though. A sandwich and a drink about 20 dollars? Can't blame them coz of their reputation. The more well-known a shop, the more expensive they will charge! hhmm....

In front of the shop with our stomachs filled. *happiee*

If you happened to be in New York city, this is a MUST go place!

Address: 205 E. Houston St, New York NY 10002

Direction: Lower East side. On the corner of Houston & Ludlow Sts. Closest Subway is 2nd Avenue/Lower East Side (F and V Train). About 1/2 mile walk east from Broadway-Lafayette (B,D) and Bleeker St (6)

Alternatively, you can visit their website HERE for more information.

Til then, ttfn!


bloodbubble said...

missing that pastrami sandwich.. but most of all i miss the double double from in-n-out hahaha
I miss cioppino also XD

Lily said...

i love how you gave the address to this place. lol i am so missing the sandwich. is so delicious. hmm.. i keep buggin john for a roadtrip to there. haha