Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hoagie Haven

Whenever you have the chance to visit Princeton, you have to go to Hoagie Haven and try their Hoagies!

Hoagie Haven... XD

We were feeling very hungry after a day of shopping at Woodbury Common Outlet... On the way back, my second bro Jason stopped by at Hoagie Haven at Princeton to grab us a quick sandwich. He said it's the best in town!

I can agree to that coz when we were seaching for a parking space at the opposite road, I can already see the crowd in the shop!

This is me queuing (or not) to order our food...

Their old school menu.... They actually have more to offer, but I did not take pictures of the other menu...

I like their wall besides the register where they paste pictures of people wearing their Hoagie Haven tees from many many places across the world. I didn't buy any of the tees though... ^^

So cool, right?

Jason ordered a Cheesesteak hoagie to share coz he said I could't finish the whole thing. True, the portion is very very big! I was shooting happily with my new camera and the staff was kind enough to pause a while to let me take this pic... So cooperative!

Service was fast, within minutes, we were already in the car going back to Hamilton... =)

Me in front of the shop posing with my Italian hoagie...

We reached home and I immediately wash my hands and was ready to eat the cheesesteak...

The packaging...

It was awesome k!! Am not a fan of bread, but this one is really good... Can't imagine this bread thingy plus a few slices of steak, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sauce can make the Hoagie taste so good!

One more close up before I conclude this entry... hahahaha

til then, ttfn! =)

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