Friday, March 12, 2010

PSW Visa

Yippieee... I've gotten back my passport and new PSW visa from the Home Office today! No more constant pointless worrying about me not getting it back in time anymore!

I've received a call but missed it as I was preparing breakfast in the morning. When I came up and saw a missed call from an unknown number, I called back and it's from the Uni. So, immediately I changed and went over to the Uni without even having my breakfast first! I was too nervous and anxious til forgotten to even wear a jacket out can you believe it! hahahaha....

So, after getting back my passport from the Student and Learning Services department, I went back home smiling with glee and that was like the happiest thing that happened in 2010 (yet) to me! LOL... Went to my room, changed to my tees and short and only start having my cold breakfast. ^^

Oh btw, it's exactly 3 weeks to my next trip now! Can't wait for it!!!!!!!! Yahooo.... XD

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