Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lynne's Pantry

Spotted this lil cafe when I first (or for the second time) came to Sheffield more than two years ago but never have I set my foot into the cafe.

Finally, I've had tea in this very cafe today!

The cafe is a very cosy place to have a lil chat with friends or just chilling.... Most of their stuffs are white, white wall, ceiling, tables, benches, etc...

Comfortable place to hang out...

It's quite unbelievable I woke up late and thus resulting me to be late (duh) for our coffee/tea appointment. Had a 'date' with the 3 pretties: Ching, Jessy & Rambutan. =)

So, when I reached the place and met them, they've already had their drinks served... Then one minute after I've settled down, the cake that they ordered arrive.

Toffee flavoured cheesecake. Not bad, just a lil bit too sweet for me.

I've ordered a Traditional English Breakfast set that comes with options of coffee or tea. I opt for the tea and it's quite disappointing coz the tea comes with milk. Normally we can choose for our own condiments, but this time, the milk's already been poured into my tea. Urgh...

A mug of milk tea... I prefer just TEA, without milk, please. Thank you very much.

I did not asked the waitress for a change of drink though. See, I so good, no complain. Good thing to do to start off my day. ^^

My breakfast set came quite fast. Didn't wait too long for it to be served... Yay!

Two slices of toast which I skipped, bacon, sausage, fried egg, black pudding (skipped this too), baked beans, and some tomato puree... The meals here are reasonably priced. It costs £5.25 for this set... Not too bad, right? ^^

K-larh, I'm gonna start digging into the food after this pic!

til then, ttfn!

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