Saturday, March 6, 2010

Luan 7 8 Zao

Hhmm, don't really know what heading to put for this post... So, a simple title I put above... =) I've so much to consider/ think/ do right now. So much things that all jumbled up together and this 'luan 7 8 zao' post does make sense too...

From the very physical area... My room is in a mess again! Just two weeks after my spring clean for CNY. hahahaha... To the mental part... *sigh* Things like: (1) when I will get back my passport from the Home Office for my PSW visa application, (2)Will it be in time for my next trip?, (3) the part-time job that I'm doing that requires a lot thinking and writing, (4) my next traveling plan, (5) my decision for a DSLR [ya, I've got an ideal model in mind, but it's out of stock fml =__=] (6) when should I go back home for good? (7) Even if I have gone back, can I get a job that I liked, (8) Can I manage my savings in the coming few months and bring a chunk of it back home? etc etc etc etc etccccccccc


It may seem like not much of a big deal to you... But it is quite a big matter to me! Thinking all of the above all at the same time really made me become 乱七八糟! I'm not sure whether this Chinese idiom was used correctly or not, I'm not really bothered anyway...

There's so many people that asked me to go back home already. My family, close friends, and even distant friends omg! My dad especially has been going on and on and on and asked me the same question whenever he called (like almost everyday?)... Some say why bother staying in place that makes you unhappy even if you could earn like tonnes of cash at that particular place. Quite true... Money doesn't make the world goes round, the world is already round in the very first place.

Anyway, I'll just stop blabbing now. Gotta do some research for my work stuff now.

Til then, ttfn!

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Anonymous said...

Yalo yalo....faster come bek all in RM, nt enuf money oso nonit to worri, one call, ur dad will b there....heeheeh