Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Big Soldier

Finally!! I've watched the movie already! hahahaha.... I'm not a pirated person when it comes to LH Wang's music/movie,etc. BUT I really can't help it lor... I'm staying in a country that doesn't release this movie, so have to watch it online, no choice. Will wait for the DVD to be released and I'm sure to get it first hand! ^^

This is a summary of the movie and go watch it, GO!

"A Jackie Chan movie that has been in the works for 20 years finally gets made. Conceptualised by Jackie himself, this US$ 25 million film finally sees the light of day as a Chinese New Year movie. Jackie initially wanted to make a historical comedic film during Hong Kong's rise in action cinema in the 1980s and cast himself as the Young Soldier. Now he's playing the Old Soldier.

The film takes place during the Warring States Period of China where we see an old soldier (Jackie Chan) take a young General (Wang Lee Hom) captive. He hopes to present the General to his superiors in exchange for rewards such as cash and kind, and the ultimate prize, to never be fighting in a war again.

Of course, there are disagreements between the pair at first, what with the old soldier being on the Liang side and the General being on the Wei side. At the same time, they are also being pursued by Prince Wen (Yoo Seung-jun) who is the General's brother. Prince Wen has a score to settle with his big brother; he intends to gain control of the throne by wrestling it out of his brother's hands. The film basically tells of the story between two runaways who have to be on the run for their survival, while also trying to reach Liang. On the way, they encounter adventures such as constantly dodging the enemy and running into all sorts of different characters while on the way to Liang. The two also end up as sort of friends."

Obviously, I'm a big fan of Leehom and my comment on this movie is...? Funny yet meaningful... It's pretty good and I liked Leehom's character in the movie... Liked it better compared to his previous movie. XD Wish I could watch it from the big screen instead... hhhmmm...

Now that I've finally watched the movie, I can go to dreamland now. Good night everyone! cheers! ^^

Oh, one last pic of the General! muahahahah

Now, I can REALLY go to dreamland now, and dream of him preferably! LOLLLLL

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