Friday, March 26, 2010

Flight cancellation

How UNLUCKY can someone get any further?!! T_T

As I was about to get all hyped up for my upcoming trip, I received an email which says:

Cancellation - BA0189 LHR to EWR on 30 Mar 2010

Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that

- Flight BA0189 on 30 March has been cancelled.

It may be possible to view your options and rebook or cancel your flights on

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Apologies their head! Not sincere at all.... If they have caused inconvenience to others, they should compensate our loss! e.g. Bus to the airport, hotel for the night, etc.... Unfortunately, NO. They're not paying for all those expenses that have incurred by their passengers... Just have the option to re-book. refund, or something else which I'm not really bothered...

Anyway, I tried to remain calm and steady and re-schedule my flight. Then, I was very curious so I tried re-schedule to a flight on a same day to see how many flights have been cancelled....

... and this was what I saw on my computer screen...

I was like... WTF?!!!!!!

How can?!! The rest all AVAILABLE except the one that I am going to fly... FML to the MAX!

So unfair ok! Everytime ALL the SUEH things will happen to me! I thought the year of Tiger would be good... but NO.... Still so SUEH... Argh!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, it's all good now. I've re-booked my flight to another day and (hopefully) it's ALL good now... =)

Am getting very frustrated over some thing now, will sleep it off....

Til then, ttfn!!!!!!!!


thengfei said...

Wahleh...u mmg v.sueh leh.....of, nvmla..stil get to,rite??enjoy2 thr

Crystal said...

I told you to mandi bunga lor... hahahhaaaaaa

for your case, u shud mandi with rafflesia!!!! hahaaaaaaaaaa