Thursday, March 4, 2010

Family Prince

Am missing my youngest nephew so so so so much now! The saddest part is that when I call home to hear his voice and talk to him, the most I can get him to voice out was "Mai, Maiiiiii!!!!" (Means = Don't want, dont want!!! in Hokkien). Urgh!!! Think he forgotten who am I edi, coz everytime I call home, this was what I get only. T_T

Nvm then.. So, I asked my sister to send a few pictures of him so that I can develop them out to stick on my room wall.. ^^

The ever so cheeky Wei Wei... XD

Saw the camera was shooting him while he's eating....

... and straightaway come out with a stunt...

... and also his lurve for cars (more than for US)!

Where ever he goes, he would bring a few of his cars collection out...So cute! LOL....

K-then signing off now. TTFN!

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