Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Canon EOS cameras

Argh! Confusing, confusion, and confused yet again!

Am still contemplating on which 'ideal' camera I should get for myself now. From the very start, I wanted a Canon EOS 50D. Then it changed to the EOS 500D. BUT, now there is a new model that Canon came out with in February... which is the new EOS 550D.

Of course the xxD series are more expensive (not to mention heavier) than the xxxD series... Normally beginners will start off with a 3-digit EOS series, but I wanted to try on the 2-digit ones now... The problem is now their prices. No doubt, 550D is more expensive than 500D, and 50D is more expensive than 550D... @.@

The new model EOS 550D is an 18-megapixel camera and the other two is 15-megapixel. I don't mind about the megapixel bit coz all these manufacturers will eventually come out with larger and larger megapixel. Oh well.....

Now, should I get the one with a movie recording function, or not? If yes, then 50D is out of the way now. At one point I wanted to get EOS 7D but seriously, the price of that camera really scared the hell out of me. T_T And some say this new model 550D is a 'mini 7D'... So NOW HOW?!!! How should I decide?!!! Do I NEED the video recording function? I'm not too sure myself... I am not a pro though... Just a hobbyist. Likes to shoot with a DSLR and pretend to be like a pro which I am clearly NOT good at.

I've been visiting various sites since the 5th of January (be it forums, previews, reviews, auctions, e-shop, etc) and still am very indecisive on which camera to get.... Once I have a lil free time, I'll google/search for reviews and the prices of these cameras... Sigh, why is it so difficult to make a decision?! Anyway, I am going to decide on which camera to buy the latest by next week. Better give myself a time frame to decide and go straight for it by the 10th! Hhmmmph! It's getting more frustrating as each day goes by, and I am feeling darn frustrated as well... This is one of the site that I go to almost daily now! Open to look at it for like a few minutes then will get back to whatever I was doing at that moment. *sigh*

So, any comment/ advice anyone? ANY will do!

am signing off now. *dizzy dizzy*... ttfn!


Anonymous said...

haha~ funny! thank you for your share~ ........................................

bloodbubble said...

for me the video function is most important cos i like to record concert hahahaha XD

sunset2712 said...

out of so many cameras, i liked my friend's sony compact best (for video)... as for dslr, i'm not sure whether they're good or not.. but i know what i wanted to get edi now... =)