Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wintry Sunday

Surprise, surprise!

Did not see the forecast the day before, and when I woke up in the morning... This was what's awaiting me while walking to my work place... T_T

Going to walk out.... Bbrrr.... so cold!

It started snowing at 6 according to my friend coz she was still awake at 5 something... and this is the condition at 7.30am.

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures although my hands were practically freezing!

It's a parking lot. Near Waitrose.

Going to turn left into Hanover Road

One more picture...

Wanted to take a close up picture of the plant but failed max. -___-

Hand too cold so I chuck the camera into my bag and shove both my hand into my pocket.

Walk walk walk walk walk.... Until I see this. Die die also need to take a picture of the peaceful road before the scenery got ruined.

Continue walking... walk walk walk.... to Sheffield University... Going through this flight of stairs... Scary... But after I've taken the first step, it's not as bad. Actually it kinda felt good, macam walking up the stairs on a thick and comfy carpet. ^^

Almost reached my work place.

Weston Park Museum

View from indoor. Weston Park

After work, snow stopped but I wasn't in the mood to walk back anymore coz my shoes are damn slippery. Waited for more than half an hour no sign of bus. Saw a taxi, hail for it, hop onto the taxi and burn my money. *sobs*

The fare was £5.40. So the money I won on yesterday night's Black Jack pun habis.

... and here's a pic of myself before I conclude this entry. *peace*

A Christmas tree for myself, and also another snowman waving and bid me Goodbye and tell me to walk more carefully... hehehehe....

Oh ya, it's the last day of CNY today... So, Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!! =)

Til then, ttfn!


Ken Jun said...

woots..nice pic!love the snows..beautiful and serene=)my personal favourite is the road pics with trees by the side..=)

sunset2712 said...

thanks kenjun! i also like that pic a lot