Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Show Off!!

Hahahahahaha... Actually it's not quite true! I am NOT showing off-larh... Just sharing only... hehehehe

I'm just merely sharing what I have cooked for dinner this evening.

I felt kinda proud of myself sometimes... Considering I can't make anything decent to put into the mouth two years ago! Mum must be feeling very happy if she sees that I can make my own food now... Proper meal with rice and vegie and meat, etc!

Here I am.... Presenting you my home cooked meal... It's not that I have not prepared dinner on my own before this, it's just that I have the mood to post them up today! =)

6 dishes! (Clockwise) Carrot omelette, Marmite chicken, Wonton soup with scallop and dried anchovies, Sardine (canned),and Mixed veg (Brocolli, carrot, button mushrooms, dried bean curd) and another portion of Steamed Tofu!! (unfortunately, not in pic)

Am getting very hungry again... Plan to go down and find something that I can munch on...

til then, ttfn!!


bloodbubble said...

wow impressive! so many dishes some more..

sunset2712 said...

hahaha thank you thank you! spent one hour+ to prepare

Ken Jun said...

finally, you learn how to cook when your abroad..clap clap=)