Friday, February 12, 2010

Leehom updates

Felt a bit guilty for abandoning Leehom's news and his whereabouts for quite some time now. The last I seen/ updated on my Idol was during the last day of 2009. @.@

So here are some updates that I found rather interesting...

#1 Leehom's new movie 大兵小将 Little Big Soldier!!

He's starring alongside megastar Mr. Jackie Chan! Boy, this guy is really cool... First acted in Oscar-winning Ang Lee's movie, now with international superstar JC... ^^

Jackie Chan & Leehom Wang

This picture was taken in January from none other than JC's twitter page! =)

The movie will be officially launched on CNY/ Valentine's Day but some of my friends have already watched the movie during the movie premier. *envy envy* I refuse to download the movie [if it has already been uploaded] and will wait for the DVD to be released in the future. I know I would not be able to watch it in the UK coz hhmmm, I don't know... Hopefully it'll be released here-lor... =)

Anyway, here are some of the pics of the hunk!

Urgh.... so bloody... =(


#2 Leehom won quite a number of Awards from the Beijing Pop Music Awards 2010!!!

Leehom bagged a total of 5 awards and became the biggest winner for the award ceremony. So, a BIG congratulations goes to Leehom! Yay!!!!!!

The following are awards that Leehom won...

1. 年度最佳作曲奖 (春雨里洗过的太阳) ~ Best Composer of the Year

2. 年度最大创作人大将 (心.跳) ~ Best Producer of the Year

3. 年度金曲奖 (春雨里洗过的太阳) ~ Best Song

4. 年度全能艺人大将 ~ Best Artist of the Year

5. 年度最受欢迎男歌手 ~ Best Regional Male Singer

Well done, Homeboy!!!!!!!!! Keep the spirit up and hope you would produce more great music in the near future! Can't wait for your new album!! ^^

So, there... at least some updates on Leehom at the moment....

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