Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lazy worm

The lazy worms are all over me now! Hence, the lack of updates here.

Today's the 7th day of the Lunar calendar year a.k.a 人日 to us. It's everyone's birthday today! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! ^^ Normally if I were in Malaysia, I'll have gathering with friends or family for 'lousang' session. Worry no more.. This year, we will also have a homemade lousang session... and that would happen about 23 hours from now. =) If I have the mood after work tomorrow, I might fry some NianGao for the gathering... I've bought one, and it's currently sitting in the fridge waiting for me to deal with it... hahahaa.. Hope I am not too tired after work then...

Actually I wanted to post about the performance that I watched at the City Hall on Tuesday today. BUT, due to the lack of pictures (actually I have tonnes of pictures taken by Emily, but they're not captured by me, so I haven't got the mood to look at them yet) I'll postpone the thought of it for the time being. By the way, I particularly lurvveeee the Face Changing performance by the Sichuan Opera team. It was superb! XD

K-larh, gotta run now. Updates soon... Should be this coming Monday I suppose *fingers crossed*.

Til then, ttfn!!!

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