Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 7 of CNY - 捞生

Happy CNY to all of you once again!!!!!!!!! Huat ar!!! XD

Last year, we've had a Yeesang 捞生session in Sheffield as well. So, in order to not breaking the tradition, we've had another session on the 7th day of CNY again. hehehehe

Most of us are working on the day itself thus left a few people that are free at home. So, the responsibility of preparing the YeeSang (cutting, slicing, chopping the engredients) are given to PegYee and Carl.

The residents of 119 CG Rd went over to C Rd at about 11.45pm and we started preparing the stuff before everyone got home.

Here's a pic of me with our Yeesang... Not finished yet, still left some crackers, sesame seed, plum sauce and the most important, THE FISH!

Drinks.... I lurve Sangriaaaaa.....

Gan Bei!!! Yum Senggggg!!! Cheers!!! Or whatever you wanna call it... =)

A group picture first....

Final steps before we started to toss high high, and 捞 even higher!!!

and Voila! Our homemade 鱼生!!

The ingredients: Crab sticks, cucumber, different colours of capsicum, Lettuce, carrot, spring onions, ham, chicken roll, prawn crackers, sesame seeds, plum sauce, and lots of raw salmon..

Apparently, we are the few countries that practice this 捞生tradition coz I asked my boss and some of my friends from China about this Yeesang thingy, and they don't know about such tradition... Nvm... =)

YeeSang is actually a custom among overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Singapore to grab the opportunity to toss this colourful salad that symbolises wealth and prosperity. I think all of these are ideas from creative businessmen that comes out with great idea and earn more money coz a decent Yeesang session in Malaysia that serves in Malaysia are NOT cheap. -________-

Here's ours.... Nothing fancy, just colourful~ Lurve it!

So, everyone is ready with their respective chopsticks....

Here we go... LAO arrrrrrrrrrrr....... HUAT arrrrrrrrrrrrr..!!!!!!!

The higher we toss, the better! Like the Chinese saying.... 步步高升 ma...

Picture time...

Makan time.... =)

We did not finish the whole thing coz it is a good sign to have leftovers... 年年有余 ma... XD

After we're done with the Yeesang session... The table were tidied and here comes the gambling session...

One table for Mahjong, and the rest sitting on the floor for Black Jack!

These are a small portion of our 财神爷Carl's coins... He was the dealer and the loses almost all of his coins by the end of the night! hahahaha...

I won £4.10. Consider very good edi, coz I only bet like 10p or 20p each time. ^^ We went back quite late... About 4am I think... and I was super tired and went to sleep straight coz have to wake up at 7 in the morning to go do work.... and Surprise surprise... when I woke up.... I got a shock!

What's the shocking thing? Well. will update it in the next post... Am feeling kinda sleepy now... Going off to bed now...

Til then, ttfn!!

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Ken Jun said...

lols~ ur yee sang darn big rite..haha=p ..Like it!