Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY Celebration performances

Before I proceed, let me wish you a Happy Chinese New Year again!

On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year 2010, we went to watch the Sichuan Province Art & Culture Team to perform Sheffield City Hall and I am not disappointed with their performance for one bit!

There are 4 of us and we have 2 complimentary tickets from my housemate and I thought if we wanted to sit together, we have to buy all 4 tickets to get in. BUT the sad thing was, when we reached the box office and queuing for tickets, the salesperson said all tickets have been SOLD OUT!!! HOW?!!

Fortunately, the lady in front of us have 2 more extra tickets and said two of us can join them. They got their tickets free too.. It's for some primary school children & teachers... =) Now, all of us can get to see the CNY performance only sitting at different seats.

So, myself and Eric plus SH and another friend parted and we went into the hall and enjoy the performance!

The show started off at 7pm sharp with Lion Dance. No pictures of them coz all of them are not appropriate to be posted here. It's either too blur, or too bright. LOL...

After the Lion Dance, it's followed by a series of boring speeches from big shots and organisers of the event. I particularly lurve the second performance by a bunch of primary school children doing Tambourine Dance. It was not my favourite performance yet. =)

Anyway, here's piccies time! Next performance...

... is the Red Lantern Dance by the CSSA-Pixies Dance Team

The girls are beautiful, dance gracefully and also entertained the crowd with their lantern dance.

After the girls are done, it was followed by Sheep-skin Drum dance by the Qiang Male Group Dance. No offense but I really think that this dance a lil bit funny. Maybe it's because of the attire they wore and I'm not used to seeing guys in this type of costumes... Traditional costumes of the minority ethnic in China..

Then come the most awed performance (if not a lil bit too flexible) of the night.

See how this lady bends?!!! Warming up for the Balancing Glass Act!

First, it's only balancing with her foot....

Then her hand, feet and mouth as well! Awesome-ness~!!

I was more stunned how she could be so flexible, as though her bones are like rubber. @.@

Next was another group dance called the Traditional Coquettes. Good one... =)

... and Diabolo performance... I have no idea that the dance meant though... Thank God for the Programme List~! hahahaa....

Then the performance by the duo... One of them was kinda nervous and he did made a few small mistakes, but overall this acrobatic performance we great nonetheless!

I liked this set of costumes a lot!! Nice colour and sweet looking...

This one is a puppet show. The puppet looked a bit creepy though... But really, this puppet can dance really graceful too!


The Tibetan Female Dance - Fragrance Ghee... By this time, I was getting a lil bored with all the dance performance already... -____- So, I went online on my BB and got onto msn to chat for a while...*paiseh*

Another solo performance from this lady... =)

Then followed by one more acrobatic dance... In my opinion, the girl is way toooooo skinny! Not really interesting.

Another female solo dance - A Tea Hostess.... Basically she just dance around with that teapot thingy...

Now, come my most favourite performance for the night!

Jeng, jeng, jenggggg........

Face changing by the Sichuan Opera team!!!

See each picture below with different mask? It's too awesome already!

Before the show come to an end, all performers went on stage once again while the lady in the red cheongsam (centre of this pic) sang a song called I love China... Seriously, her voice is soo darn powerful coz once she started singing, all the goosebumps came out... @.@

I was darn hungry throughout the performance and I suggested we go to have dinner together at a Chinese restaurant we frequently visit... =)

Here's what we had...

Mixed vegetarian crispy noodle

Beef noodle...

Seafood udon with XO sauce

Some braised rice with lotsa junks in it.. I'm not sure what's in the rice coz I didn't try this..

*slurp* Tofu!!!

and lastly, a group pic of all of us... Normally we will have a CNY lunch on the first day of CNY. But this year, we didn't organise for lunch so this one also considered as a CNY meal together larh...

It's my 3rd year celebrating CNY in a foreign land and each year, the people that join the CNY meal is different. Some have gone home, some remain... but in my heart, all of us will be Friend Forever!!!

So, another Happy CNY to you!!! May the roaring year bring all of you lots of joy, and happiness, and wealth, and everything that in between that is good ya!!

p/s: I'll wish you Happy CNY until the 15th day of the first month in the Lunar calendar whenever I update an entry here... Cheers! ^^

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