Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Awful Haircut!

, I am Angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a most awful haircut for the longest time this afternoon!

I was getting all hyped up to have a new hairstyle (or so I assume) and then now I am totally, and utterly disappointed! Not to mention the dissatisfaction in my heart.... After about 2 years or so, I did not have my hair cut for even once leh~! Erm, got-larh once when I went to have my hair trimmed... But it was only 1 inch... So, that doesn't count!

Before I had my hair cut....

... and after!!!

See the difference!~ OK fine, this picture can't really do justice to the actual condition of my hair now... Bah... From the picture, it looked a bit uneven... But ACTUALLY, the unevenness is like SOOOO BLARDY OBVIOUS!!! Then I have a very thick hair, and the person didn't even make them thinner for me... Argh! I asked her about it, but I forgotten what she replied me already... -___- Sienz

OK, now I want to talk about the price of this freaking haircut... Dah-lah I am like so darn poor now, this haircut costs me £24...

£24!!! (After a "student discount" of £6!!!)

Even in Malaysia, the average price I pay for getting a haircut is like RM 20 to 30 only!!!! Gggrrrrr....! So the disappointment I have now is even more!! Have to pay about 5 times extra and in the end getting this shitty result!

I'll go to the Asian saloon either tomorrow or the day after to have this shit fixed. My friends told me to go back to the saloon that I went and complained about it, BUT seriously, I really can't bear the risk of having my hair ruined for the second time. *sigh*

I miss my long hair already.... Although it's quite difficult to tie, and also quite a pain to getting my hair dry when I wash them in the middle of the night, but it's not as bad also... :`( Need to wait for another year (at least) for it to grow back... *sobs*

Going to sleep now. All my mood gone while writing this post! T_T



bloodbubble said...

u didn't cut your hair for 2 years? I didn't realise your hair is so long now. poor u.. I hate getting bad haircut. Hope another hairstylist can fix it for you

sunset2712 said...

yeah, was too impulsive already yesterday. should have to ask around which saloon is good before i go... =(

thengfei said... looks damn uneven...if i cut for u, i tink it will look better than that..Gosh

sunset2712 said...

hahaha yeah i know! everyone's telling me the exact same thing..! T_T

bloodbubble said...

so teruk how they can so cincai cut hair like that