Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday is Day Off

Since I've been working 6 days per week now, I'll have to plan my day off and spent it in a meaningful way! Although today what I did most was eat, eat and eat, but I'm still feeling contented with the day and hope for more to come in the future... =)

I actually slept at 7 in the morning and woke up at 12 in the noon coz I've started on my Naruto Shippuuden anime again! Hhmm, the last time I was up-to-date on this anime was in September and now I've accumulated to quite a number of episodes, then here goes my anime marathon!!

I went down to ground floor to get myself some water to drink and I've got a parcel! I've bought 2 books online few days ago and I did not expect it to reach me so soon... ho ho ho... New fictions to read! The 2 CDs below the books were bought at HMV yesterday before I went to work. ^^

So, I've woke up at 12 and prepared myself for a Thai lunch an hour later... Today's the 3rd time in 3 weeks I've been to Thai Punna at London Road and I haven't got bored of their food yet! A portion of appetiser and main course for £6.99 and I think it's a very good deal considering Thai food are not cheap in England.

I had Pad Thai with King prawns and also a portion of Tom Yum soup as appetisers. I was quite geram when the person served my soup and I saw coriander there! ggrrr.... I quickly took out the smelly coriander but then the soup cannot be saved anymore... *sigh*

After lunch, it was almost 3pm already. Then, Shinhuey accompanied me to Harrisons (camera shop) to scout for prices of the 'potential' camera I was going to get. Everyone's been telling me Canon 50D was a good choice, but I won't be getting it until I've got more money to spend... £830 for that camera, how to buy?!! How to buy, you tell me!!!

Anyway, I was feeling a tad bit disappointed with the price and we went to City centre later. Nadya asked me to watch Daybreaker with her and I promised without knowing what the movie is about and I felt kinda regret to have watched it coz most of the time I was looking either at my phone, or cover my eyes with my shawl. It's about vampire thriller movie that scared the hell out of me... @@ Most of the time, the movie was filled with bloody scenes and it's kinda disgusting to me, at least. I am not a fan of thriller though, I prefer comedies or romantic movies... lolollllll....

I asked Nadya what she thought of the movie, and this was what she replied me. "A movie resembling the story line of Resident Evil only that the characters have been replaced from the movie of Underworld and true blood. Gory scenes had our eyes playing peek-a-boo most of the time and our supposingly famished appettie has been suppressed"... Good one, eh? To me it's very simple, two words to describe it... NOT NICE. But Ethan Hawke was kinda charming tho... ^^

After movie, Nadya came over to my house and then we went to Aroma for dinner. Initially we wanted to go for Chinese buffet right after the movie, but our plan was ruined after the movie that affected our appetite... T_T

I was craving for Indian food like few weeks ago but then didn't asked anyone to go with me. Finally, an Indian meal after sooooo long! Think the last time I had Indian curry was when I went back to Klang for 2 months more than 8 months ago.

Appetisers were superb! We had some reeeeaaallllyyy good Lamb Chops marinated in spices and yoghurt. It was so so good! Then we also ordered some Poppadoms before our main course were served...

The main dish was just mediocre. Not to good, but at the same time not bad as well. Just... plain.

I had the Biryani selection off their menu that served with fresh salad and curry sauce. I was getting slightly annoyed when my salad have CORIANDER when I did told them that I don't want ANY bit of coriander in ALL my food. ggrrr, I left the salad bit out as a result... =(

Main course...

Purple Light, PegYee, and myself

Nadya, VP and Leow

We mentioned about our luck and during the past few months, Leow and I really had some low times and after we settled our food bill, we stopped by at Costcutter and someone suggested we fork out £1.00 each (3 of us) and buy 3 lottery tickets, just for fun. Who knows, maybe our luck will be good and win some thing... hehehe...

There, 3 lottery ticket for 3 people pricing at 1 quid each... =)

Why not trying our luck for just a quid, right? What we got in the end? Leow and I both got £2 each as a reward! hahahaha... The we used the £4 to buy 4 more tickets and we got nothing in the end! hahaha...

We were laughing all the way home for being so silly but, oh well, when something's not meant to be yours, it will never be yours... Am I right? hahahaha...

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