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Summary for year 2009

Happy 2010 everyone!!!!

It's the time where I will recap my happenings during the past 365 days once again! Last year's one here.


At the start of the year, I fall sick. Don't need any elaboration for that. Sial habis! Then Pre-CNY Reunion dinner at Wong Ting with more than 20 friends. But more than half of them have gone back to Malaysia now. *sad* Consultancy Project at Iris Associate with 3 teammates from Saudi, Oman and Chad respectively. CNY eve at 148 Edm Rd, followed by CNY day 1, 2, 3 and 4 gathering at their house also. Had our annual CNY lunch at Zing Vaa with seniors. Second year in a row edi!


Heavy snow in Sheffield on the first day of the month. Karoake session til morning! Madness... LouSang session on the same day... What a hectic day! No sleep or even rest then the next day proceed to Meadowhead to play snow coz more snow shower ans also heavier ones the following day! Snow stopped on the third day, then we proceed to Norfolk Park for some serious photo session... Almost became a zombie.. Day trip to Nottingham with Lee Cheah. Received an sms from Kyrina about Leehom's upcoming Music-man concert in Malaysia. Asked her to get the most expensive ticket straightaway, alas they bought the second most expensive ones coz she said its not worth the money. Went for Metallica's concert in Sheffield Arena with Andrew Tang.


One day trip to Manchester with Yanna to meet my friend, Tracey from Malaysia. Got news that Danell will be the Opening Act for Leehom's concert... Syok gilerrrr... Two of the singers from the top of my list performing on the same day! Ireland trip with lots of people for 4 days.. More than 10 people in this trip. Not a really enjoyable trip coz the place is kinda boring. Bought my flight back home! Shopping spree at Bicester Village at the last day of March! Spent one big chunk of my cash... But Happy nonetheless! Went to Birmingham for Malaysian dinner after shopping.


Waiteng's parents came to UK for a visit, had dinner with them. Depart from Manchester on the 7th back to KL!! Missed Leehom's promo tour coz I was one day too late! Went on some serious Malaysian food feast back home. Everyday eat, EaT, eAt only! Tenji Japanese Buffet at Mont Kiara with my high school friends. Saw Leehom's banner and wanted to grab them home, but failed *disappointed* Went for facial and body massage session! shiokness! Went to Times Square to see Danson Tang for don't know what promo already. Ipoh trip with Waiteng and she brought me to makaaaaaaaan all the way in Ipoh town. Went up to Genting Highlands for Hins Cheung's concert with Lili & Jansen. Went for my leg check-up and the doctor said 2 of my ligament have broken. So, no more high heels for me T_T


Had my nails done with Lili. Nice mani + pedicure! The day that I've been waiting for - Leehom's concert at Bukit Jalil!! Went to Hilton to see him after concert, and managed to have a picture taken with Danell Lee!!! One week later, sent Leehom off from KLIA, and got my Laos Commemorative books signed! Mothers' Day dinner at Stadt German cuisine & bistro. See Danell performed at MidValley for some Panasonic event. Fun, FUN, fun karoake session with my Hommies. Renewed my visa and it got rejected TWICE because of my carelessness! Darn worried... Alas, missed my trip to Greece where I've already booked and PAID for it. More than 300 quid down the river :`(((. Bought a new digital camera. Pink Canon Ixus 110 IS. Fahrenheit in Malaysia for their album promo, went to KLIA to send them off also. Wu Chun is so handsome. =)


Met Yinwai at Aeon Shopping Mall after so many years didn't meet and we had a long chat at Bar.b.q Plaza. Karaoke session with my niece and nephew at Greenbox. Was surprised when they sing sooo many songs, all the latest ones somemore! Had the best ever Rojak at Subang with my sis... Superb! Kyrina treat me to a spa/ body massage & manicure session at Jaya 22, PJ. Came back to Sheffield and the misery life starts. Shifted into a new house/ room so need to unpack everything and tidy the whole place. But I have also saved the havoc of packing from one house to another coz my dearest roomie helped me to pack while I was still in Klang. Jason, and Stewart went back to Malaysia for good. Chai Ling's birthday celebration. Mavis & friends came over from Liverpool and we went to Bakewell for a day trip!


Strawberries picking at Whirlow Hall Farm. My main purpose was to capture good photos, but failed... Started my preliminary findings for my Dissertation. First step, go to the library! Lee Cheah's birthday celebration at 163, picnic at Botanical Gardens and had a great dinner at Strada with the girls. May's birthday celebration, she thought we didn't plan anything for her, when we went over to her house presenting her the cake, she was about to go to sleep edi. Went to Meadowhall with her for shopping, lunch and then dinner at Cafe Rouge, and another karaoke session! Nottingham day trip with Edmund's friend. Fei Fong's birthday celebration at Aunt Sally's, then went on Wheel of Sheffield. Another shopping spree at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet and later went to Liverpool for dinner with the same bunch I went to Biscester Village with. XD


Andrew's birthday celebration at 163. Went to Old Trafford for Manchester United and Valencia friendly match. Perseid meteor showers. Went to Norfolk Park to witness them. Dissertation progress was super slow coz my supervisor went for holiday during the first two weeks, so I also slacking. Shin Huey's Birthday. Just a small gathering with housemates and lunch at Forum the next day with all of our remaining coursemates in Sheffield. Missed those times. The last week of the month, feel more motivated to complete my dissertation coz due date is nearing! lol...


First 9 days of the months was torturous! Need to rush for dissertation, sent chapter by chapter to my supervisor, he replied then I would have to amend/ edit things that he commented. STRESS. One week later, SH submitted hers, then we go on a shopping and makan trip at Meadowhall despite the lack of energy in her. SH's Lunar calendar birthday on that day, so I told her it's time for her to celebrate a bit! Ordered Leehom's Music-man concert DVD & a set of figurines... A present for myself. =) Wanted to ask ppl to sponsor me those, but no one is willing to do that.*kecewa* One week Germany trip to Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Fussen and Frankfurt! Came back with a big hole in my purse! Kering-kontang....


Mid-autumn festival celebration at home. Finally those lanterns that Chloe brought for me were put into good use. Started liking making steamed cake! I successfully made Banana and Cream Cracker Layer Cake!! Nothing much happened after that basically. Was busy with work and earn more cash to prepare for the arrival of my family the following month. Basically it's just work, sleep, work and sleep for me!


Got myself a Blackberry Curve 8520 coz the previous contract ended already. Backstreet Boys concert in Manchester. A lot of my friends' family came over to Sheffield and masing-masing busy with their Europe/ UK holidays. Mum, sis, niece and nephew reached London and we depart to Paris the next day. Went to Paris for 4 days and got my wallet stolen at Eiffel Tower. So unfortunate! Came back to Sheffield on the 19th and my convocation the next day! Day trips at Sheffield, Manchester, Chatsworth, Nottingham and 2 days in London with my family before they went back home in Klang. Took superbly a lot of pictures in the previous two weeks!


Got tired of taking pictures this month so the first two weeks was a photo-free phase for me! My eBay account got suspended out of no reason, and recovered when I sent an email to complain about it. On and off snow showers for few days in a row. Dong Zhi festival, wasn't feeling well so rest early and missed out the Tang Yuans Miss FF made for us (in this case, only I missed it but had them the next morning! =) One day trip to takeaway shops that I worked. Had steamboat session on the eve of Christmas. Christmas day was spent at 163 for dinner and gift exchange session! They bought a cake for me to celebrate my birthday in advanced. *touched* Went to Meadowhall on Boxing Day, another Christmas gathering at 25 Club St, and one more birthday cake for me! and that was totally unexpected! SH made cookies for me... Birthday; went to Cheshire Oaks and House of Fraser in Manchester with Siew Siew and Kc. Spent quite a bit on shopping but happy nonetheless! Had Italian dinner at Ask in the evening. The night on NY's eve was spent at home. Nothing much to shout about...

So there, a brief summary but still packed with lots of events throughout the year.

Welcome to the world of 2010 ahead. Hope it's filled with lots of joy and blessings to myself and also to all the people surrounding me, be it my family, friends and distant friends... =) No new years' resolution also this year. Hope all wells ends well!!

Goodbye 2009, and Hello 2010!

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