Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lazy to Blog

I have a feeling I will be lazy to update anything here in the coming future.

Reason: Both my cameras have gone, I have a good phone that comes with a lousy camera and thus resulting me in being lazy to take any pictures on my Blackberry.

I was being nostalgic the other day and read back my previous posts and realised that most of my posts contains pictures in them... The sad feeling comes all back to me again despite the fact that I lost all my treasured belongings more than one week ago...

The Sheffield Police called earlier at about 10am asking me the model of my camera and she said it's very difficult to get back my stuff, to tell me the truth. Yeah, I know.... Don't need them to tell me also I will know that! T_T

Anyway, I hope to earn enough for my Visa application stuff, then save more for future trips/holidays, and also get another camera, whatever camera that comes along doesn't really matter. As long as I have one, then in time, I can upgrade to better ones when I have sufficient money to get another dSLR.

OK-larh... Wanna go to the library to borrow some books now... ttfn!

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