Friday, January 22, 2010

Danell Lee 李桀漢《分享》拉闊音樂會

DANELL 李桀漢《分享》拉闊音樂會


Got Danell's dvd on my doorstep today and I was feeling ecstatic for the rest of the day. Finally, I can watch Danell Lee's live in concert dvd already!!!!!!! (Thank you soooo very much, Lynne!!) I was about to go to work so did not have time to watch the dvd straightaway. Went to work, came back at 12.... and place the dvd in the player once I got home... =)

Just finished watching Danell Lee's Live in concert DVD that was held in 2009. He sang a total of 20 songs and I lurve them all! Some songs are more familiar than the others but they were just as great! I think it's a great music session as he sung a mixture of Mandarin, English, and also Malay songs... =)

The first two songs was performed from a newcomer I suppose... Skipped them when I see the person's not Danell. I actually felt kinda bad to skip the first 2 songs. I'm not sure who the singer was, but I think I will watch it again and won't be skipping the opening act! *paiseh*

He opened the show with 'Sui Yi Men' and I was mesmerised by the song. From one song to another, those songs that I was familiar, I sang along.... The songs that I don't know, I just kept quite and watch eagerly... =) There's this song called 'Girl from Ipanema', I've never heard of it before but I fell in lurve with it after he sung it.... ^^

When he started singing 'Bleeding Love' from Leona Lewis, I really can't make out what was he singing until almost to the chorus part... Sorry, Dan... Tak biasa with the Jazzy feel of this song! hahahah.... After the song, he continued with 'Love to see you now' and then "Can't take my eyes off you'... There's one part where he sang wrongly and he realised also... SO funny to see his expression when he realised that he had made a mistake...

Towards the end of the session, when he was talking to the audience and thanked all the people that made this concert possible, he said he was very touched and tears started flowing down... Didn't know Danell's an emotional person... ho ho ho.. Then, I saw A.Quinny went forward and gave him a tissue for him to wipe off his tears... Awww.... The way Danell say, "What is this?" is kinda funny after A.Quiny handed him the tissue... LOL...

The last song he sang was Organic Love and the concert have finally come to an end... Without realising, the past one hour plus really did passed very fast... hahaha... Will watch it again tomorrow morning...

p/s: No pictures of the dvd. Will update this entry again when I borrow the camera from SY... =)

til then, ttfn!

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