Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You what's the best thing that happened to me today?

Congratulations... My things have been stolen once again..

Yes, you saw it right.

This time it's my bag. NEW BAG. MY NEW KIPLING BAG. The handbag that I got last week as my birthday present from LC and friends...

It was snowing very very heavy this afternoon and we decided to go out for some photography session. So, out we went... and when we were at the Peace Garden and was about to go back... Somebody suggested we take a group picture before we call it off as a day... Before we took the photo, my bag was still there... after picture, the bag was gone. I was stunned at that very moment and ask them to shop playing around. But all of them was having a serious look and said they didn't hide my bag away... so... there... my bag gone...

What damaged it has done to me?

Well... first was the bag itself. Then my pink ixus 110s, my dslr, my sony ericsson c902, my water bottle, my umbrella, my ipod, my notebook (where i kept practically everything in them if i think they're not suitable to post in the blog, acts like a diary basically, but much more than that!), and most importantly, all the pictures in the camera!

Well, i'm typing this out just for a record's sake. total damge to me: whole thing cost roughly around £1200 or more coz you can't really justify the amount of that notebook and also the pictures taken! I was having the energy and mood to taking lots of snowy pic before that! fml fml fml.....

I want a great year, NOT a SUAY year!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn it i am so disappointed and sad now. fml fml fml...! ggrr.... signing off now.

p/s: had 6 glasses of red wine during dinner... one glass should be 250 ml... so total drank more than 1 litre of red wine... geram!


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kenjunz said...

heya so sorry to hear about ur misfortune. Anyway, do take that as a blessings in disguise. Maybe, maybe u will get something better in the future.

For now, get over it ya, I know losing ur both cameras, lappie, bag, ipod and other gadgets, is really really zzz..take care

ken junz