Thursday, December 10, 2009

eBay's alert to me!

I've got an email sent to my inbox yesterday evening and got a shocked when they say my eBay account has been suspended! wtf... suddenly account got suspended... the first time was my youtube account, that i can't argue coz I've posted some clips from leehom (mtv) which i did not have the copyright to it obviously... other that that it was ok... so i created a new account on youtube... then recent ones was like half a year ago...the last time my google account also got suspended but i did not do anything about it and thus now regretting it a bit... =( then the most recent one which was yesterday, i can't take it anymore and think that i have to retaliate this time!

Here's the message that was sent to me:

Dear sunset_mynick

Thank you for sending your request for reinstatement.

After reviewing your request and the information we have on file regarding your account suspension, the decision has been made to deny your request for the following reason:


You can't use eBay in any way, including registering a new account or using an additional existing account.

Thank you for your understanding.


eBay Trust and Safety

what?!!! can't use eBay in any way then if I wanted to buy things from there and it's really cheap then how?! so immediately I respond to the email-lah what else... I may seem unprofessional when replying that, but what to do? I was shocked at that moment ok... T_T

My message to eBay:


I was surprised to have received this email from eBay. I have NOT lodge or request any account reinstatement, and furthermore I don't even know that my account has been suspended until I received the above email! Can the team answer me about this and it would be appreciated that a detailed explanation be given.

I don't think I have violated any of eBay's regulations or anything. The last transaction I had was like a month ago and it still worked fine... Thank you and hope to receive a reply from the team soonest possible..

Best regards,
Lee Hoon

Then when I woke up like an hour ago, I got another alert from them again... Indeed, retaliation is not a bad thing to do after all... =)

Here goes:


Thank you for your email. I understand your concern about the alert you received.

I apologise for any confusion this may have caused you. In this case, I have removed the alert for you. Please disregard the notice you received. Rest assured that your account is in good standing.

As always, my goal is to help you with your questions as quickly and accurately as possible. I appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter and wish you continued success on eBay.


Kaelyn M.
eBay Southeast Asia Trust & Safety

A prompt reply from them and I later sent another message to thank Kaelyn.

So there, my account back in place now..! hahahaha....

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