Friday, December 18, 2009

December Snow

Initially I've already written a new entry on my phone and was about to post, then my phone decided to fail on me... and thus resulting me to type all over again on my laptop.... =(

Anyway, today's been snowing! For the first time, I hate them! You know why? Coz I not at home when it snowed... I was walking on the super cold and super windy road and then suddenly it snowed! Not a mild one, mind you, but a very heavy one! ^%$#!!! And what makes me even more geram is that when I reached home safe and sound, the stupid snow stopped pouring away.... Ish...

The coming months will become colder and colder I reckon... So from now on, need to wear another additional layer of clothes out! Hate it when I have to wear more than 2 layers of clothes when going out coz I will look more bulky and fat!! *sobs*

Err, one more thing, am hoping for a White Christmas this year! *fingers crossed*

Oklah, just a quick update for today... Have been lazy-ing at home for the past 2 days doing nothing but watching movies only... Sien... I wanna work but then got no job at the moment... How sad... Til then, ttfn~!

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