Monday, December 21, 2009

Danell Lee Live in Concert CD + DVD

More than one week after it's release, I only got to know about it!!! What is it that I'm talking about now? Hhmm, it's none other than DANELL's latest album!! Although this album consist only 3 new songs, but I still want to have it! lol... Should I get it? Should I buy the album online... or what? It's RM 56.90 if I get from Sony Music's website but I'm not sure about the postage though... hhmm....

Danell Lee’s latest album in 2009.
The album consist of one CD and one DVD.
The CD consist of 3 new songs which are Liu Xing Xing Gan Mao(流行性感冒)、Jie Zuo(桀作) & Smile :) Like a Rainbow. Liu Xing Xing Gan Mao(流行性感冒) is specially tailor made for Danell by Singapore top producer Eric Huang. Eric has produced songs for superstars like Amei, Stephanie Sun, Sandy Lam etc. Jie Zuo(桀作) is composed by Danell himself; Smile :) Like a Rainbow is composed and produced by Danell Himself. Danell’s hit song, Love To See You Now, is also in jazz version。

Meanwhile, the DVD consist of the making of and Danell Lee Live in Concert on 27th February 2009 fully recorded version special dedicated to his fan club, Pinkies.

This album contains 4 songs and bonus DVD contains 21 songs & the making of and Danell Lee Live in Concert on 27th February 2009.

Track Listing:

Smile :) Like a Rainbow


世事如棋Shi Shi Ru Qi
小流星Little Meteor
我的志愿My Aspiration
Adakah Aku Yang Bermimpi
Summer Time
Tiada Maaf
Girl From Ipanema
Bleeding Love
現在很想見你Love to See You Now
Can’t Take My Eyes of You
Say a Little Prayer
Heaven Knows
有機Organic Love

DANELL李桀漢《分享》拉闊音樂會幕后花絮 The Making of DANELL 《Sharing》Live Concert

Oh ya, that song title "Smile :)" reminded of the picture I took with him few months ago :)))))) (Bcoz I got him a Smiley balloon after his Opening Act for Leehom's Music-Man concert in Bukit Jalil...)

So, should I get the album or not? I know I should... But should I get it like NOW or the next time when I go back to Malaysia??


firefly said...

haha! i saw it few days ago with kyrina.. n... i didnt buy it... hmm... after new year maybe.. haa..

sunset2712 said...

hahahah... munlee, after new year got angpao money edi buy few more copies.. then one for me! ehem... lol