Friday, January 1, 2010

Countdown to 2010: Leehom mini 'concert'

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It's not yet 2010 in UK now, but in other countries, many are celebrating the arrival of this new year already! Fuuh! Finally it's over [in Taipei] and I am so glad I didn't missed the countdown in there despite the fact that I am few thousand miles away from that place! All have to thanks to the power of Internet... Technology really does brings the whole world together!

The countdown event [2010臺北最HIGH新年城] that is happening in Taipei just ended with Leehom closing the show and boy, it was really a blast! It's like Leehom is having a mini Music-man concert there!

When I woke up this morning, the first thing that went into my mind was, "Find a way to watch the show online, HAVE to watch the 'live' version!!" So, I started searching and searching for various forum and on some search engines... =)

I am still feeling over the moon now eventhough I am not in Taipei at the moment. After the countdown, Leehom came out to perform and he sang a total of 11 songs including the latest from him with the late Miss Teresa Teng entitled 見你就笑.

Leehom opened his performance with What's wrong with Rock, W-H-Y,
花田錯 and 龙的传人, which is exactly the same as his Music-man concert! I felt so silly singing alone (and oh so very loud somemore) in my room, facing the computer screen but well, I'm very happy also at the same time! hehehehe...

Then he continue with his ballads
一首简单的歌 A Simple Song, 大城小爱 Big City Small Love, 心跳 Heart.Beat and Kiss Goodbye. My Internet connection was lagging at that moment and I was so upset and resetting the software. This whole thing dragged about an minute or so, and when the show resumed, coincidentally Leehom got his lyrics wrong! lol...

Next, Leehom sang his newest song and also a song that represent Taiwan as he is the ambassador for their tourism in the year 2010,
見你就笑. When I first saw the clip from youtube a few days ago, I liked it instantly. And the MV was good too, he's too charming already! ^^

Anyway, after that Leehom performed
蓋世英雄 Heroes of Earth and I've had my fingers crossed and hoping that he would sing a few more songs before the countdown event ends... and indeed, he performed two more songs and that's it.

Me feeling very contented watching his performance on my laptop! Aww, I miss his Music-man concert so much! Well, I might take out my DVD and watch it over again later! LOL...

Til then, ttfn!

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